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Posted on: June 16, 2011 9:33 pm

Top priority for every playoff team offseason

Spurs-sign or draft a center. Dalembert would be a good sign and I think he would take a pay cut to win a championship. Heck try Yoa if price isn't too steep.
Lakers-sign a point guard!! Aaron Brooks is available in FA and would take a paycut to play for them without a doubt.
Mavs-resign Tyson Chandler
Thunder-sign a power forward named Jeff Green. That would suck for Boston.
Nuggets-Hope Chandler and Afflalo sign qualifying offers and resign JR Smith.
Trail Blazers-sign a backup center since Oden won't be able to play til January.
Hornets-get a shooting guard and resign David West. Get a Deshaun Stevenson or a JR Smith. I think the price tag would be a bit steep to get Jason Richardson, but they should give it a try if they want.
Grizzlies-resign Marc Gasol

Chicago Bulls-sign a shooting guard obviously. Target is gonna be obviously on Richardson in which the place I think J-Rich will end up. JR Smith and Stevenson are also good targets as well.
Miami Heat-Get Lebron to work on his gmae....LOL! Resign Chalmers to me is a priorty for the Heat. He is cheap, young, and is one of the best FAs out there who is that cheap.
Boston Celtics-resign Jeff Green!
Orlando Magic-RESIGN J-Rich or try to do a sign and trade with a team to get something out of him.
Atlanta Hawks-resign Jamal Crawford for hopefully less than 10 million.
New York Knicks-sign a center! Just imagine Yoa joining New York. LOL! I'd try and save money for next offseason o.
76ers-resign Thaddeus Young!!
Pacers-sign a shooting guard!!

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NBA 1st round playoffs preview: Bulls vs Pacers

I've stated numerous times for the last couple of months I have a feeling Chicago is going to the Finals. So yes, I'm gonna pick them to win this series. Obviously, they are the favorites. I'd like to give a congrats to Indy for making the playoffs after x amount of years. Also give Bulls some credit for exceeding a lot of people around the league and NBA fans that they are the number 1 seed. So claps!!

In any case, here is my preview:

I don't expect this to be a long series. 5 games at the max. I'm expecting 5. I figure Indy will win one at home. Wouldn't be surprised if it ended in a sweep o. Bulls got the playoff experience, better team overall, better coach, and has an MVP. I don't know if anyone else heard Danny Granger's comments. Watching sportsnation(I know) and it was stated Granger said he was happy to be playing the Bulls over the Celtics. That may have hit a nerve. Could drive the Bulls to play better or they may have  just ignored the comment. In any case, should be a short series. X factor in the series is Roy Hibbert in my opinion. He plays great they could win one or stay in games late. He doesn't.....it will be a long series. Things are looking up for the Pacers oh. Gotta show love!

Rooting for the under-dogs in this series, but I figure they won't win of course. Good luck to both teams. How do you feel this series will end up? Prove me wrong Pacers! Surprised??SurprisedDon't be......STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
Posted on: March 24, 2011 2:32 pm

If playoffs started today predictions............

West Conference

SA vs Memphis=winner SA in 5
LA vs NO=winner LA in 6
Dal vs Por=winner Portland in 7
OKC vs Den=OKC in 6

SA vs OKC=winner OKC in 6
LA vs Por=winner LA in 6

OKC vs LA=winner LA in 7

East Conference

Chi vs Ind=winner Chi in 5
Bos vs NYK=winner Bos in 4
Heat vs Philly=winner Heat in 6
Orl vs Atl=winner Orl in 5.

Chi vs Orl=winner Chi in 6
Bos vs Heat=winner Bos in 6

Chi vs Bos=winner Chi in 7

NBA Finals

LA vs Chi=winner LA in 6.

Posted on: March 6, 2011 11:00 pm

Cavs 2009 record compared to Miami's 2010 record

Miami's record: 43-20

compared to last year's 2009 Cavs team with league's best record: 61-21

Will Miami reach that win total? I think not. LOL! It is rather embarrassing is it not? Miami is on their toughest stretch in their schedule currently and loss 4 in a row. Is the Cavs doing that great without James? No, but to say he had no help and crap like that is idiotic. To have league's best record 2 straight years. These 3 superstars together! 3 all-stars that led 3 different teams couldn't get the same record as the lowly Lebron's team. In which folks claimed he received no help. Obviously he had some help. Better help from those players than the young guns who claim they are the 3 Kings of the NBA.

What will the excuse be for the lack of victories? This team is no where near the 90s Bulls nor are they better than the 2009 Cavs or 2008 Cavs. If you ask me that is pathetic! What is your thoughts on this comparison via record?
Posted on: November 11, 2010 11:53 am

East conference playoff seed predictions 2010-11

This is obviously my predictions for the playoffs for 2010-11 Eastern Conference. I'll be unbiased here as I was in the Western Conference predictions.

1.Miami Heat-The team will have the best record in the NBA whether I or anybody else likes it. The refs will lead the way for this team which is why they will make it to the Finals and lose. That is my prediction anyway. As long as they stay healthy I can't see why they won't be.

2.Boston Celtics-The reason I put them at 2 is because they have an old team. Injuries will hurt them as it always does, but with depth at the Center and power forward position I think they can at least keep this high of a seed. Figure Kg will get injured at some point during the season again.

3.Orlando Magic-The lack of consistancy has me and others wondering about the Magic. Even though the Magic have a lot of great talent and can shoot the 3 they are a bit too inconsistant for my liking which will hurt them throughout the season unless they make a trade before the deadline which I hope they do. Bring Melo to Orlando!!

4.Atlanta Hawks-They are doing pretty well thus far into the season, but they as always will fail one way or another come playoff time. A regular season team!! Prove me wrong Atlanta!

5.Chicago Bulls
-They are doing just fine thus far without their big acquistion of the off-season in Boozer. I believe they will make it to the Conference Semi's, but no farther.

6.New Jersey Nets-This is a surprise pick, but I'm basing this on believing they will end up with Melo which will lead them to the playoffs. They may be a better seed than that if they end up with Melo o. Didn't want a bunch of hooplah if you get what I'm saying.

7. Milwaukee Bucks-This team has a solid team. Probably would have went somewhere last year if it wasn't for Boguts injury, but they did beat the Hawks in game 7 to make it to the divisional rounds. They achieved more than expected. congrats to Bucks wish them the best this season as well.

8.New York Knicks-Just figure they will end up with the final spot.

Posted on: November 2, 2010 2:59 pm

NBA award predictions/division winners

NBA champions: Magic

NBA Finals: Lakers vs Magic

MVP: Dwight Howard, Magic

Coah Of the Year: Stan Van Gundy, Magic

Defensive player of the year: Dwight Howard, Magic

R.O.Y: Evan Turner, 76ers

Sixth Man: Michael Pietrus, Magic

Most Improved: Vince Carter, Magic

Most Overrated team: Heat

Most Underrated: Bucks

Most Disappointing Team: Mavs

Pacific Divison champion: Lakers

Northwest Division champion: Thunder

Southwest: Rockets

Atlantic: Celtics

Southeast: Magic

Central: Bulls

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