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Posted on: June 14, 2011 11:32 pm

My despise for Lebron James is explained......

I have various times to explain my hatred for Lebron. People ask me variously on the NBA boards "Why do I hate LeBron James so much?". My hate for Lebron began years before "the decision". In 2009 I believe it started. When all the Nike commercials were hyping a matchup between Lebron and Kobe. I really didn't mind it first, but it started really to make me angry. In 2009, I was rooting for the Orlando Magic simply because Dwight Howard is my 2nd favorite player in the NBA at the time and my favorite player's team didn't make the playoffs. Dwight Howard met up with James in the Eastern Conference Finals. Dwight Howard had an interview about the puppets and talked about how disrespectful it truly was. Why not the best team go to the Finals? With some of the most bogus calls I could ever see. The superstar treatment really made me angry with him. It felt as if they were trying to help him get to the Finals. This one really didn't make me happy at all. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kwhi1twVO0 

Than with all the King crap along with all the praise by the media. Winning the MVP that season in which I thought Dwayne Wade deserved. I thought he was the best player that year in the NBA, but I guess the team record wasn't good enough. Cleveland really treated the guy like he was King. After Magic beat the Cavs in 2009 Eastern Conference Finals he left and not a handshake for Dwight Howard or anybody. It shows lack of sportsmanship and respect. He expects when he wins a handshake or something after a win. Why didn't he give one to Dwight? I'm a competitor he says. Hell yea....you have been a competitor all your life. That isn't a very good excuse at all.

Shaq traded to Cleveland. Sentence that will be remembered by his words: I'm here to win a ring for a king or something like that. Didn't really work out the way they planned. Lebron had another MVP season and Cavs made a "blockbuster trade" midseason to get Jamison who was suppose to be a perfect fit. Didn't really work out well either. Lebron led the Cavs to Eastern Conference semis and lost after taking a 2-0 lead over Boston. Some fans said he quit, he used the excuse injury as well. Why all the excuses? Why can't the Magic or Boston be the better team. Funny video about his injury that year. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ly28VtJxREA

Media again treat this guy like he is a king. Another thing that was a slap in the face to me was that after the guy was eliminated Lebron and free agency started overshadowing the playoffs. It made me angry because none of the crap started until he got eliminated. Give these playoff teams some praise. Shows the lack of respect to those teams. "The Decision" happened. I was very annoyed by all the talk, but of course I was interested in where he was going as many others were. I was hoping he would stay with Cleveland which of course he didn't. The way he did it along with the media. It made me angry of course. Lebron not telling Cavs or any other organization "the decision". That had to watch like the rest of us that arrogant bleep. Lebron showed lack of respect to all the NBA players in the NBA today stating he isn't gonna win 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 yada yada yada. He took the easy way out in my opinon. He got all angry because former NBA players and media were bashing him for the way he handled things. What do you expect? Praise for it? You get enough praise as it is. I was more annoyed by James that Summer than Brett Favre coverage.

I have disliked James before the decision. I never disliked the Heat til he joined the Heat. I rooted for them to win their first NBA championship vs the Mavs. I never disliked Wade and I still don't dislike Wade or Bosh. I only root against the Heat because of Lebron. I only disliked the Cavs because Lebron. For a year now I have had rather pity for Cleveland. Not really anymore though after the fixed lottery. I have disliked Lebron since his Cleveland days. Everybody really started to dislike Lebron after the decision. I disliked him before that time. In an article I read a day or so ago that I completely forgot about this. Lebron wouldn't grant Mavs owner a meeting with him to talk about joining Dallas last summer which caused all this investigation stuff. Kinda ironic he got beat by that same team.

Another thing that made me rather angry was the lack of respect Lebron showed. He asked a bunch of vets to sign minimum salary to join him on his "mission" to win a championship. These guys have family's to, but hey they were willing to do it. He is an arrogant and greedy kind of person that I dislike with a passion. I have disliked him for several years it mostly has to do with the lack of respect he shows and some it has to do with the media, but mostly it has to do with his arrogance, all the excuses over the years, and being greedy. I rooted against the Heat every single time I watched a game. Of course just nationally televised games. I feel as if I have the right to root against and for whatever teams I want. As do the rest of the NBA fans. I have reasons to dislike James and dislike certain teams/players. I think I have right to root against James as does everybody else. Lebron is the best player in the NBA today. No doubt about it despite not showing it in the Finals. He is a great player and is the face of the NBA. In Cleveland he was probably the most loved and popular player in the NBA. With the Miami Heat he is the most disliked and popular player. I'm gonna continue to root against the Heat as long as Lebron is on the team cuz of the arrogance, excuses, and lack of respect to the rest of the league and the NBA fans.

Join Heat haterz club if you wish. I think that is all....at least I can think of at this moment. Comments? Thoughts? Mavs beat the Heat to win the NBA championship!! Surprised??SurprisedDon't be........STAY JEALOUS!!Cool

Posted on: March 6, 2011 11:00 pm

Cavs 2009 record compared to Miami's 2010 record

Miami's record: 43-20

compared to last year's 2009 Cavs team with league's best record: 61-21

Will Miami reach that win total? I think not. LOL! It is rather embarrassing is it not? Miami is on their toughest stretch in their schedule currently and loss 4 in a row. Is the Cavs doing that great without James? No, but to say he had no help and crap like that is idiotic. To have league's best record 2 straight years. These 3 superstars together! 3 all-stars that led 3 different teams couldn't get the same record as the lowly Lebron's team. In which folks claimed he received no help. Obviously he had some help. Better help from those players than the young guns who claim they are the 3 Kings of the NBA.

What will the excuse be for the lack of victories? This team is no where near the 90s Bulls nor are they better than the 2009 Cavs or 2008 Cavs. If you ask me that is pathetic! What is your thoughts on this comparison via record?
Posted on: December 10, 2010 6:04 pm

I hate Lebron James.....why? Many reasons

Heat fans just don't get it. I have explained to you several times about this. I disliked LeBron James long before he made "the decision". I rooted against them every single game when he was on the Cavs. Do the same thing with the Heat now. I criticize James for a bunch of reasons. One I don't think he deserved his first MVP award.....I thought D-Wade was the MVP that year. Another reason I hate James......the guy never gets called for fouls like my favorite player Dwight Howard. Howard gets called for more fouls than probably any star in the NBA. Lebron gets the best superstar treatment of any NBA star in the league. In the East Finals the refs were against the Magic. Even people on these boards agreed with that. The infamous foul Lebron shooting the 3 and Dwight got a clean block and called a foul on it. Youtube it my friend clean ball.

Lebron also showed no sportsmanship after the game. Every single year the supporting cast was criticized. Not James at all. It was never James fault for a loss. It was either supporting cast or the coach. No blame for James. He is constantly praised. More ESPN coverage than Brett Favre. It at least feels that way anyway. Every team he is on they are always chose as the favorite. They never win despite all the talent they bring in. Kobe/James commercial favoriting him to have that matchup. How much more biased do you need to be? They bring in guys like Ben Wallace, Jamison, and Shaq. Still can't get it done. Win a ring for the King bs. Gilbert did everything he could to make James happy. Some feel he quit on the team in the playoffs. The guy loves the spotlight a bit too much.

Go into the summer.....he was more talked about than the NBA Conference Final games. Which is a slap to the face to everybody who is still playing. He is praised all the time for his defensive ability. I made a post about a year ago stating his defense isn't as good as the stats show. Which I thought was very true. All the blocks come against guards going up for layups or from a player who is being guarded by another player. I seen times in the playoffs he would guard the guards rather than the forwards. When he faces a guy like Melo the guy gives up 40. When you face an above avg scorer it isn't so easy is it? Melo is basically at one time the best small forward besides Lebron. Durant has emerged. Never really seen them play each other.

In any case he gets everyone talking about him in the summer. The guy is treated like a super hero/King. He is an arrogant ego maniac. I absolutely hate the guy. He comes on announcing his decision date to decide what team he is going to. ESPN was so annoying all day long. We got a big tribute show for Lebron. I mean it was every hour. It lasted like all week it felt like at least. We heard all the predictions and what not. The day of the thing hear about Wade and Bosh wishing him luck and so on. I was so annoyed by the coverage I was ready to turn the channel before he made it. He finally made it and decided to take his talents to South Beach. Getting all the questions out and what not. Than we get the aftermath coverage that lasts for days. Cav fans burning his jerseys and so on. Of course the Heat were the favorites like every year.

His team previously had the best regular season record in the NBA past two seasons. The talent was there in my opinion anyway. He shows no respect to his former teammates nor his former team. His arrogance will not lead him to a championship. Hope he never wins a thing. He is a piece of garbage. Spits in the way of everybodys accomplishments. Especially the scoring title that was won by Durant. Oh I could have won that if I wanted it. How much of a slap in the face is that? Disrespectful idiot. Than he goes on in interviews like we arn't gonna win one, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or even 7. We are gonna have a dynasty. Him and the so-called three Kings slapping every single NBA team in the face. Acting as if he along with them are better than everyone in the NBA. He expects not to be criticized? Look at these messages from my twitter page. Being superstar isn't all fun. You get payed more money than all those hateful people sent you. I'm sure all those millions of dollars he makes can cure his feelings. No good piece of garbage. Hate his guts. Go cry me a river James. You make more money in a year than any of us make in a lifetime. You don't want to be criticized don't act like you are all that. Don't disrespect former teammates and other teams in the NBA. You are not gonna be given a championship on a silver platter. You gotta work hard for it. Cavs did everything for you and you spit in their face. Refs try their best to give you a championship and you still can't get one. Hope you never do. That will be the worst thing that could ever happen in the NBA. No good piece of crap. Cry to someone who cares. Everyone is criticized. I am as well, but I would rather be criticized and be making the money he is making. Get all the fame with it as well. One of the most praised pieces of crap and still cries about it.
Posted on: December 3, 2010 10:20 pm

Cavs vs Lebron disappointing......

All the hype going into the game I was hoping for a game. After the first quarter Cavs were leading which led to my expectations to be higher that their is a possibility they could win. 2nd quarter really sealed the game for me. It was over before half time which is sad, The Cav fans come out to cheer their team against their nemesis and they treat him like a friend. They showed no effort on the basketball court. That is the worst loss I have seen in a long time. Not saying I was expecting it to be close before the game began, but come on 30 points? After having that lead they never got it back. In the 2nd quarter it felt as if they were just throwing ball at the backboard, They couldn't get the ball in the hoop. It is a disgrace that them guys are getting paid millions and played that horrible of a ball game. A sellout crowd with millions watching at home. Embarrassing moment for Cav fans. That game would have them some hope. That game was like a Championship game for them and they blew it. Showed no effort defensively. Disappointing not just for me who was rooting for them as every other fan base not a Heat fans.

Besides the game the powder and the booing was good, but I expected worse cuz the hype. They shoulda said James name last. It woulda been a lot better. Stupid to say his name first. Ah.....just an opinion. For anyone to think this team will make the playoffs is horrible for the NBA. I mean I knew the Cavs were bad, but I never realized they were this bad. I expected a blowout yes, but didn't expect it to be a 30 point loss. Expected 20+, but not 30. Cavs shoulda just threw the ball up and act is if they were passing to themselves. It woulda been less embarrassing. To say they actually tried in that ball game is just terrible to hear. Wish the players woulda gave more to Cleveland. Ah well.....no doubt Lebron wouldn't have won a championship which if he woulda stayed they would still probably had Shaq and others cuz the team owner did anything he wanted. Well that is just my point of view in the outcome.
Posted on: November 23, 2010 6:33 pm

Just in case Lebron forgotten...........

December 2nd is coming sooner than one would think. The night where Lebron will visit the team he turned his back on the Cleveland Cavaliers. Who have done very well this season without a superstar. They have done a lot better than I expected especially with a shocking game 1 win over the Boston Celtics. In any case I can't wait for this game that will be televised on TNT at 8 oclock. Old friends now foes. I figure the hype will be enormous with big ESPN coverage. If Cleveland wins it will be a bigger win than winning a championship. If Lebron wins we probably will have to see the highlights a little bit too much if he has a great game. Wish Cleveland the best of luck. I'm rooting for them in this ball game. Prove Lebron and the critics wrong. Get it done Cleveland.

Posted on: November 23, 2010 6:31 pm
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Posted on: October 26, 2010 10:45 pm

3 kings hype..............

Going into the Boston game all the hype was with the Heat. Talking about the motivation they all were gonna bring because they have critics. Unfortunately for them the critics were right.......at least the opening night. Lebron wasn't getting the "stats" he always did in Cleveland nor did he have the help that everyone said he would have. They didn't play as a championship contender as portrayed. Didn't play like a team. Lacked passing the ball with just 14 assists by the whole team. Lebron would get 8 on any given night in Cleveland.

I was very impressed by Boston's defense and the ability to score in the paint on the Heat. Heat lacks size and it showed. If they are expecting to win a championship they had better get better help from the supporting cast, but they did have 18 points coming off the bench the last time I seen.

Lebron played an average game compared to his Cleveland numbers. Didn't pick up the win vs one of the top teams in the NBA the Boston Celtics. This was a bigger game than some people would give it credit of being. This was a huge statement game for the rest of the season. Boston is and was the favorites in my opinion going forward to win the East. Congrats on the win Boston.
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