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Posted on: December 17, 2011 9:35 pm
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NBA Eastern Conference seeding predictions 2012

Basically the whole season is in 2012 so......you know! Predictions will be based on moves made by all NBA teams and last season.

1.NYK-Chandler is a great addition to the Knicks. A move I feel will lead the Knicks to their first playoff win. My pick to represent the Eastern Conference this year.

2.Heat-Obviously the fav to not only represent the East in the Finals, but the favorite to win it all!!

3.Bulls-I like the addition of Rip Hamilton. Nice to see him on a winning team again after leaving that Detroit mess. Will it be enough to land them in the NBA Finals? Soon we will find out.

4.Celtics-Celtics will struggle this year with it being a short season playing a ton of back to backs. Celtics have been complaining about training camp and so on......health of the big 4 is crucial for success this season as it always is, but without Green it will be even tougher.

5.Magic-Expecting Howard is there through most of the season. If not, they may make the playoffs trading him at the deadline which is later this year because of the lockout.

6.Pacers-A team that I figure will be a surprise team in the East this season. David West addition is solid if he stays healthy enough.

7.Bucks-Bucks? Some may think, but with Bogut returning after season ending injury along with the addition of Jackson. I think the team will make the playoffs because I believe they have the right pieces to be able to get a spot in the East.

8.Hawks-No Crawford isn't good for the Hawks which makes me feel they won't be as good as they were previously. I say they make the playoffs barely with a battle of the final spot with the 76ers.
Posted on: June 18, 2011 12:30 pm

Pre-FA Teams to look out for next season

I decided to choose 3 teams from each conference. Teams of course that weren't in the top 4 of either conference last season.

Eastern Conference:
Indiana Pacers-They have a bunch of cap room and they got a solid group coming back. I expect them to be back in the playoffs next season and a higher seed. Possibly 5th or 6th seed in the East. That is what I'm expecting.
New Jersey Nets-They have the money. Who knows who they bring in through FA? I expect them to fight for a final playoff spot.
New York Knicks of course-I wouldn't be surprised at all if they are in the top 4 teams in the East next season. They got the money to get whoever they want. Again I expect them to have one of the top 4 seeds in the East next season.

Western Conference:
Memphis Grizzlies-I expect them to shine if they do indeed resign Gasol which I expect them to do. Top 4 seeded team next season. You better believe it! Write it down. I expect a decline from LA and SA next season meaning of course they won't do as good as they did last season. Possible better playoff success, but not regular season. By postseason success I'm not meaning winning a championship of course.
Utah Jazz-With two picks in the lottery early first round. Plus hearing about them shopping Devin Harris. I think this team could compete for a playoff spot next season.
Portland Trail Blazers-Expecting that they are healthy....LOL! No I think they will finish with a better record and finish as one of the top 5 teams in the West. Andre Miller looks like he will be on the way out.

What teams do you expect to improve after last season? That people should be looking out for?
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Eastern Conference semis Boston vs Miami preview

A series that might be the most anticipated more so than the NBA Finals matchup this year. A matchup between Boston and Miami. It all started with the "Decision" in the summer. Ever since fans all across the NBA has booed the team. A lot of media/fan/player backlash to Lebron. That is why this series is so important. Before apparently Lebron didn't have the talent around him. The Cav fans along with the rest of "Lebron fans" stated it was coaching or not enough talent around him. Again the guy did lead the Cavs to the league's best record during the regular season. Couldn't get it done in the playoffs. Now he joined 2 of his friends in Miami. Recruited veteran players to join him on the mission to win a championship. Asking vets to take less money as well. The Big 3 or the Heatles of LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh. Lebron and the Heatles have no more excuses. Talent won't be the issue. Lebron is now playing with 2 all-stars. A top 5 player in Dwayne Wade. We all know who will be blamed though right? Spoelstra! I figure the guy will be fired if the Heat lose this series. No doubt in my mind.

As far as the Celtics go.....they have defeated Lebron James 2x in the last 3 years in the playoffs. They also defeated Wade last year in the first round despite Wade's amazing playoff performance. Celtics won the series during the regular season vs the Heat, but the Heat really had the last laugh. They got the number 2 seed in the East which means they have homecourt advantage in the series. That may play a factor, but I believe Celtics and the Heat can win on the road. Some expected this series to happen in the Eastern Conference Final, but Bulls put that to rest.

In any case, who is the X factor in this series? Rondo to me is obviously the guy who probably will decide this series on his performance. He is back to those clutch performances in the playoffs after last series vs the Knicks. He got his A-game back! Paul Pierce defense will play a factor in this series as well vs Lebron. That is the matchup that may decide the series. One I can't wait to see.

Wade has got to step up. He has not played well vs the Celtics all year. I believe he will have to play well for the Heat to win the series. Point guard defensive play is also a factor for the Heat. Heat doesn't have a very good bench. It is well known to that fact. Than again what do you expect when you spend all your money on starters. Guys like Wade, Bron, and Bosh are gonna play big minutes in their 40s. They are gonna get their numbers as well.

Injury questions for both teams include Shaq, Haslem, and Mike Miller. Miller played little minutes in previous series. Others didn't play a minute. I'm rooting for and expect Boston to beat the Heat in 6.
Posted on: April 13, 2011 9:21 pm
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NBA 1st round playoffs preview: Heat vs Sixers

Let me start out by saying, I dislike the Heat more than any team in the league. Last year they weren't for obvious reasons why not. Not gonna get into all that. In any case, here is my playoff preview for Sixers vs Heat.

The time we all been waiting for. The favorites are gonna be the hunted! The media loves them and most America hates them. I for one can admit it. Fact of the matter is.....Heat drastically changed my opinion of them in the past week. The Celtics game was the one that caught my eye obviously. A month ago, I wouldn't have gave Heat much of a chance vs C's if they did make it past the 1st round which we all expect. I saw something, I havn't seen all season long. Fire in their eyes, determination, will to win, ect. I fully expect a sweep even though I hope not. I say this series will only last four games. No disrespect to the Sixers. They are a good team, but Heat should finish it in 4. I figure that Lebron will play 4 which would be a tough matchup as Doug Collins has stated. He is a nightmare cuz he has no power forward on the team that could guard him simply because he has so much speed against them. He also has the power to guard a power forward if needed to. Bosh could play 5 as well. This series should be short and sweet. Don't expect a win for Philly. I'd be shocked to see one to be honest. X factor for Philly is Lou Williams/bench play. Bench comes out and plays well they may stay in games. Lou Williams has got to play great in this series for the team to have a chance. If he plays well at the 1 they should win a game or more. If he doesn't......will be a long series. Sixers prove me wrong!!

Heat win 4-0 sweep! Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.....STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
Posted on: April 13, 2011 9:02 pm
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NBA 1st round playoffs preview: Bulls vs Pacers

I've stated numerous times for the last couple of months I have a feeling Chicago is going to the Finals. So yes, I'm gonna pick them to win this series. Obviously, they are the favorites. I'd like to give a congrats to Indy for making the playoffs after x amount of years. Also give Bulls some credit for exceeding a lot of people around the league and NBA fans that they are the number 1 seed. So claps!!

In any case, here is my preview:

I don't expect this to be a long series. 5 games at the max. I'm expecting 5. I figure Indy will win one at home. Wouldn't be surprised if it ended in a sweep o. Bulls got the playoff experience, better team overall, better coach, and has an MVP. I don't know if anyone else heard Danny Granger's comments. Watching sportsnation(I know) and it was stated Granger said he was happy to be playing the Bulls over the Celtics. That may have hit a nerve. Could drive the Bulls to play better or they may have  just ignored the comment. In any case, should be a short series. X factor in the series is Roy Hibbert in my opinion. He plays great they could win one or stay in games late. He doesn't.....it will be a long series. Things are looking up for the Pacers oh. Gotta show love!

Rooting for the under-dogs in this series, but I figure they won't win of course. Good luck to both teams. How do you feel this series will end up? Prove me wrong Pacers! Surprised??SurprisedDon't be......STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
Posted on: March 3, 2011 4:38 pm
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20 Q&A NBA sorta like predictions midseason

Shoulda did this sooner, but I figured someone would do this at all-star break. No one did so I figure I will do it. This is like a prediction post just for fun here.

1.Who will be coach of the year?
2.Who will win the MVP award?
3.Sixth man of the year is.....?
4.Defensive player of year is......?
5.Most improved player this year is.......?
6.Who is the rookie of the year?
7.What team will represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals?
8.What team will represent the Western Conference in the NBA Finals?
9.What team will win the NBA championship?
10.Is Orlando a top 4 team in the East?
11.LA=3peat?Why or why not?
12.Will Utah or Denver make the playoffs after trading star players? If yes speak which team or state both or neither.
13.What team is the most over-rated team in the West?
14.What team is the most over-rated team in the East?
15.What player is the most over-rated in the West?
16.What player is the most over-rated in the East?
17.What matchup do you wanna see in the Finals? Both biased and unbiased!
18.Make your 5 NBA player dream team!?
19.What move made your team look good and what move made your team look stupid?
20.What improvements does your favorite team have to make this offseason?
Posted on: February 17, 2011 4:12 pm

Biggest surprise thus far midseason:

Made this simply because a lot of folks have different opinions on this. Not expecting everyone to agree with me. Just for fun here.

Who is the biggest surprise to me of the amount of victories this season? To me it is the Spurs. They arn't known as a regular season basketball team. They are known more as a team that waits til playoff team to put up there success. I'm guessing the reason is why is because they are actually healthy which is good. I did not expect the Spurs to reign number one come all-star break. Nor did I expect Lakers to be at number in the Western Conference which might be a bigger surprise.

Who is the biggest surprise by the amount of losses they have? I know a lot of people are gonna say the Cavs, but I expected them to not be in the playoff race. I expected them to struggle without Lebron. I expected them to be one of the 5 teams with the most losses with the Wolves and others. The answer to the question is the Bucks. The Bucks finished the season last year better than I expected than all of a sudden they drop off 5 seeds down. I expected more from the team this year. Did I expect them to finish better or at the same seed? No! I expected them to be a number 7 seed though. Season isn't completely over yet. They can still make the playoffs. All I'm saying is I'm surprised by the dropoff. I didn't expect Philly nor Indiana to be in the position they are. I expected the Bobcats and the Bucks. Of course in every major sport there are surprises.

Portland is also a surprise team as well. Not that, but the fact they are still in the playoff race without Roy and Camby. It seems as if the team is always under the radar. Ah well....just had to throw them in there and show some love. Definately deserve some credit for their season thus far.

So what teams are the biggest surprise to you midseason?

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