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Posted on: January 3, 2012 10:38 am

Bengals @ Texans wildcard playoff preview

If someone told me I was going to be making a post about the Bengals in the playoffs....I would have called you insane. Unfortunately, no one saw it coming. I'm happy for the Bengals making the playoffs. Especially when no fans at Cincy are supporting that team because they believe the owner is cheap and the prices for tickets are so high. It is great to see and hear. Cincy has the best fans in the NFL!!!

In any case, we got to witness a great ending to a football game between these two teams a month or so ago. TJ Yates led the team down field with seconds left to win the football game. 3rd string qb, no Andre Johnson, and so on. I believe Andre Johnson will play this week which should make it much tougher for the Bengals secondary this go round. Who has the better game? Green or Johnson? In any case, Houston deserves a lot of credit for all the adversity they have overcome with a lot of injuries to their star players including: Arian Foster, Andre Johnson, Matt Schaub, and I could go on. First playoff appearance in franchise history. Both teams are looking to pick up the victory for first playoff win in ages.

Who wins: Texans

Why: I picked the Bengals before, but I have changed my mind with the recent brain storm I just had. My reasons to be cautious with the Bengals: Who have they beat this year with a winning record? They didn't bring any momentum to the playoffs with them as did the Texans. Texans will have Andre Johnson back so it will be much tougher than it was last time vs the Texans. Bengals are a young football team and not as mature as the Texans are. They are both new to the playoff environment, but the home field advantage may be too much for the Bengals to overcome.

Final word: All I can say is....Raven fans: You had better root for the Bengals to lose cuz as you know, you won't be winning a Super Bowl in Woodley's lifetime. Patriot fans: I've heard some Pat fans on the board claiming to be rooting for the Bengals because they don't want to face Pittsburgh. I'm telling the truth here, I suggest you all do the same. Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.....STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
Posted on: October 2, 2011 11:17 am

Pittsburgh @ Houston week 4 2011 preview

After week 3 both teams have a record of (2-1). This is a huge games for both teams. I would call it a statement game. I've been impressed by Houston thus far this season. Of course, they are the favorites to win their division this year with Peyton Manning out. Defense has been most impressive to me. Wade Philips has done a great job thus far. He deserves a lot of credit along with the talent out there getting the job done. They are looking to bounce back after a tough loss to the Saints. A win would look good for the Texans saying "We are for real!" A win for Pittsburgh would look good saying "We're back!" Some good news for fantasy owners this week is that Arian Foster will start this week. How good will he play? The biggest concern for me on Texans offense isn't the ground game. It is a man named Andre Johnson. He is regarded by a majority of NFL fans as the best wide receiver in the game today. I'm confident that the Steelers D will be able to handle the ground game. Passing game is the real question here.

The biggest concern though for me....heading into Sunday is the offensive line. 3 starters went down to injury. Colon was gone after week 1 as well. 2 of those guys are questionable for Sunday. Texans pass rush vs Steelers offensive line I believe will be the difference. The ground game for the Steelers feels as if it is a non-factor. Love to see something from the ground game. I was shocked that the Colts allowed the ground game less than 1 yard per rush at half-time. That is seriously stating something because Colts rush defense stinks. The Colts prepared well last Sunday. They deserve a lot of credit. I'm talking about the defense more so, but the protection has got to improve. Should be a good game. Majority of the analysts has chosen the Houston Texans to pick up the win this week. Steelers do a lot better when they are the under-dog. I expect a close game with a Steelers victory! Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.......STAY JEALOUS!!Cool

Posted on: August 10, 2011 10:53 pm

Playoffs? Who's goin to the playoffs in 2011?

This is an update kind of due to recent moves lately.

AFC East:Patriots-Getting Chad and Ellis to me improves their football team. They are better than the Jets.
AFC North:Steelers-They keep proving the doubters wrong and they'll do it again in 2011.
AFC South:Colts-I know I stated on some occassions that they will miss the playoffs. The prediction was made simply because 5 new teams had to get in. At the time, I thought Jets were the better team. Now I feel they have the best chance to get in 2011.
AFC West:Chargers-Raiders got worse, Broncos still suck, and Chargers are gonna be one of them new 5 football teams to make the playoffs in 2011.
AFC Wildcard #5:Ravens-Got respect for the Ravens. No doubt they will be in the playoffs in 2011.
AFC Wildcard #6:Texans-everyones darkhorse, but I didn't pick them last year. I liked the moves they made this offseason and I believe they can finally get to the postseason. Possibly a division title.

NFC East:Eagles-I suspect slow start, but I feel they will finish strong and make the playoffs.
NFC North:Packers-1st division crown since Rodgers has taken over.
NFC South:Saints-I think I have over-rated this football team a bit after their draft. They may win the division. I like the Bucs too.
NFC West:Rams-Gotta love Bradford. Kinda shocked by the lack of moves in FA for weak wr position. I think they can still get the job done o. 49ers will surprise some folks. Watch out!!
NFC Wildcard #5:Cowboys-I say 10 or 11 wins with a playoff berth. Cowboys>Giants
NFC Wildcard #6:Bucs-I wouldn't be shocked if this team wins the division this year. They are under the radar. 10-13 wins possibly.
Posted on: August 7, 2011 11:22 pm

Surprising upsets to look forward to in 2011!!

Upsets happen in the NFL all the time. Weekly and some times more than one in a week. I decided since the season is about to begin, it is time to start calling some upsets. I'll call 1 for each week:

week 1:Cowboys over Jets-It can happen......
week 2:Browns over Colts-Hillis will put up huge #s!
week 3:Texans over Saints-I'm remembering Lynch owning Saints D.
week 4:Lions over Cowboys(can you consider that an upset?)
week 5:Chiefs over Colts-one of the worst rush defenses in the league vs the best ground game
week 6:Texans over Ravens-Expecting Flacco doesn't have a good day.
week 7:Bucs over Bears-I like the Bucs D!!
week 8:Dolphins over NYG-not really a good upset week, but I think this is the most likely to happen.
week 9:Chargers over Packers-Rivers just has the better day over Rodgers.
week 10:Lions over Bears-Reminding me of Calvin Johnson TD no call.....
week 11:Chargers over Bears-Bears offense will struggle.
week 12:Eagles over Patriots-Brady has a bad day....
week 13:Lions over Saints-I think Brees will be under pressure all day!!
week 14:Chiefs over Jets-I don't like the Jets front 7 this year.
week 15:Bengals over Rams-4th place team beating a playoff contender.......
week 16:Browns over Ravens-Almost happened last year......
week 17:Lions over Packers-I expect Lions to win 1 game next year vs the Packers.

I didn't do some rivalry games in this for the simple fact they were upsets last season such as Texans over Colts. I don't consider Jets over NE, Bears over Packers, Bucs over ATL/NO, ect upsets. Many may be shocked, some will whine, and others will say this is a bash fest. It isn't intended to bash one team or another. It is intended to hear others opinions and see some of their upset calls.

Posted on: May 14, 2011 9:06 pm
Edited on: May 14, 2011 9:11 pm

Pre FA 'Who's goin to the playoffs?' thread

The reason pre FA is in the title: NFL has yet to have free agency. These predictions are before anybody makes that big move to help their team get to the playoffs. I know haters will join on here and say I was wrong after A team made the playoffs after getting a top free agent to help them get there. This is my pre free agency "Who's goin to the playoffs" thread. All haters, critics, friends, and fans are welcome.

The question everyone asks during the off-season is "who is goin to the playoffs." That is why I'm here folks.....to give you the answers. So plz when you're done reading my predictions you can leave a comment, give us your predictions, and enjoy my art. Thank you!!

The better question is "who is not making the playoffs?"
Bills-HAHA! This may be a shocker to some, but I have Bills finishing 3rd in the AFC East. Of course, they arn't making the playoffs.
Dolphins-Their offense was through the running game. 2 FAs could not return. I don't like Dolphins chances.
Titans-rebuilding mode along with the fact other three teams in division had better drafts in my opinion.
Texans-everyone's beloved darkhorse will again fail to get to the postseason.
Jaguars-You proved me wrong last year, but until you beat the Colts to win the division.....I don't see it happening.
Broncos-I'm hearing chants "Tebow" to end the season. Unfortunately, it won't be in the playoffs.
Raiders-I have them finishing last in their division.
Chiefs-I was happy for the team's success last season. I figure SD will find a way to get back on track to the playoffs.
Bengals-too many questions with the team along with Browns being a better football team.
Browns-a year or 2 away from taking Ravens spot.

Skins-Big Al making too much dough along with McNabb wanting out. Too many question marks.
Eagles-Teams figured out how to defend Vick. The team will finish 3rd.
Falcons-most over-rated team in the league last year. Gave up too much to get Jones.
Panthers-Could get the number 1 pick next year.
Seahawks-I was shocked they won the division. Division won't be that bad next year.
Cardinals-this team along with 49ers are most of the reason I put pre FA in the title. A quarterback addition could get a division title.
49ers-read Cardinals.
Vikings-Ponder isn't enough. Rice may be gone as well along with Pat Williams.
Bears-prove me wrong
Lions-Have them finishing 2nd......just missed. Next year for sure.

"Who is making the playoffs?"
Patriots-No one beats them at home.....during the regular season.
Steelers-doubters proved wrong last year. This year will be the same. Only difference.....Super Bowl belongs to Pittsburgh! #7!
Colts-They make the playoffs, I believe 11 straight x.
Chargers-depends on V-Jax return or replacement.
Jets-Didn't make AFC championship 2 straight years for nothing.
Ravens-How far they go depends on their run game.

Cowboys-4th place schedule along with good draft.
Packers-unless serious injury........
Saints-After that draft....how can you bet against them?
Rams-Shoulda won the division last year.
Giants-D-Jax ain't gonna get that lucky....again.
Bucs-Solid draft......team is only gonna get better.

Surprised??SurprisedDon't be..........STAY JEALOUS!!Cool

Posted on: December 16, 2010 10:44 am

Win or stay home! Colts vs Jags preview:

As we all know the Colts have been one of the most successful frachises in the league in the last decade. Especially in the regular season. In the top 3 in winning percentage. That is very impressive if I do say so my self. The Colts are in a rough position right now. Ever since the loss to the Patriots in November they have not been the same. Injuries of course is a factor in all this. Peyton isn't playing all that well either. Interceptions has risen a lot in just these past few weeks. This game will be win or stay home for the Colts. That is how I'm looking at it anyway.

I'm surprised by the Jags play this season. Yes they won 7 games last year in last place I believe, but to be leading the AFC South. I had them at number 4 going in. Colts/Texans/Titans have not lived up to their expectations. I expected another 12 win season for the Colts. This will be the first season they havn't had 12 wins in I believe 8 years. That is impressive still, but the Colts have had losses in their division. 1 to start off the year vs the Texans. Of course they bounced back, but their season hasn't been successful at any means. The team won 14 games last year. Had a shot at a perfect season. In the Super Bowl last year as well. Ranked number 1 heading into the season over the defending champs.

Jags won the previous matchup vs the Colts earlier in the season thanks to the 3rd longest field goal ever made in the NFL set at 59 yarder. That just wowed me. I never expected the Colts to lose to a team like the Jags. Lucky for them they are still in this thing. This game will make or break their playoff hopes. If they lost this football game they do not deserve in the playoffs. No offense to Peyton Manning. He is a great quarterback and he will be listed as one of the best all-time when he is done. If the Jags sweep ya you just don't deserve in the playoffs. Don't know the last time they havn't made the playoffs. Again I'm still considered a teen so apoligies. I was playing outside on Sundays. Anyways good luck to both teams. If Jags win they definately deserve in the playoffs. This game is considered to me for the Colts anyways win or stay home. Surprised??SurprisedDon't be......STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
Posted on: November 6, 2010 2:23 pm

Wildcard spot predictions.......

I have been thinking about the wildcard spots. I already have predicted the division winners. Now the wildcard spots are even tougher. Some folks disagree with me. I just wanted to see what everyone elses wildcard predicitons this year. I give the two wildcard spots to........One to the AFC North team and an AFC East team.

AFC West is simply the weakest division in the AFC so it is obvious they are not gonna have a wildcard team.

AFC South is a pretty good division, but with Texans having the toughest schedule in the NFL I don't think they can get it done this year. As for the Titans I don't believe CJ will have another stellar season as he did last year. He is their offense. As for the Colts, I believe the Colts will take the division again this year.

AFC East has in some folks opinion three great playoff caliber teams. I don't see the Dolphins a lot better than last years football team. Marshall is gonna be a bust. Brown is gonna get injured.....again. I don't see it. The Pats will take the division again. At least I believe so. As for the Jets they will take the wildcard spot. Great defense with some problems with chemistry which is the reason I believe they will not take the division. Contract issues with Revis isn't helping the situation either. Let's see if they can get it done without the Colts laying down for them.

AFC North is the best division in the NFL. No question about it.

Bengals made some decent acquistions, but I don't see them getting lucky again this season. They won't be making the playoffs. I don't believe in all the hype. T.O. doesn't make a team that great. If he did than wouldn't a team signed him before the end of July. Antonio Bryant is terrible!! Why do you think they went out and got T.O. They do have weapons as do other teams. Carson Palmer and the passing game isn't the reason they were successful last year nor this year. It will be because of the running game and the defense of the Bengals.

Ravens will be taking the last wildcard spot. Actually they will take the 5th spot because I think they will finish better than the Jets. They have a great football team. I respect that football team as well. Added some weapons and defense is always solid. Ray Rice is gonna be the best running back in the league at the end of the year. That is my prediction if you go by numbers.

As for the Steelers of course they will be winning the division and win the superbowl once again. Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.....STAY JEALOUS!!Cool

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