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Why Dwight to the Nets? Nash to Orlando?

You sit back watching Orlando Magic play and you get shots of Otis Smith watching the game. I think to myself, what the hell is he thinking? Orlando is playing in the mids of the Eastern Conference like last year. No real improvement at all. Why is he sitting on his hands not making any moves to try to improve this basketball team? Does he want Dwight to return? Is the reason he isn't considering trading Nelson is simply because he is tight with Dwight believing he will lure him to return? I'm pretty certain that Dwight doesn't want to play with Nelson any longer when you hear about him wanting to go play with D-Will in New Jersey.

Another thing I don't understand is Dwight's top team to go to is New Jersey. Out of all the teams in the NBA you can choose, you want to go to New Jersey? The same team that was beaten by Orlando  by about 20 points. Wouldn't doubt it if Orlando could beat the Nets without Dwight on the floor. The team is 2-8 currently as the 2nd worst team in the Eastern Conference only above the Wizards. If Dwight wants to win a championship, I would suggest looking elsewhere.

If someone asked me what Orlando needed....I would say a point guard who can make players around him better. Dish assists and be a solid scoring option when he is needed. Who fits that bill? Chris Paul was obviously my first choice, but no way Orlando can get him now with him in LA. Why not get Steve Nash? Why Nash or CP3? They were in bad situations where they are. Neither can win a championship if they want to. All PHX fans want Nash to go to a different team to compete for an NBA championship. I say why not take a risk? Hell if you must, try to get Grant Hill back in an Orlando uniform for old time sakes to make Nash feel more comfortable.

My proposed trade:
Nash, Grant Hill, and Channing Frye-Some may ask why these 3 players? Orlando will probably need a power forward in return if they give up a guy like Ryan Anderson who in my opinion is probably the 2nd best player on the team right now. Frye can hit 3s as well. Of course Hill for reunion purposes and Nash for obvious reasons.

Ryan Anderson, Jameer Nelson, 1 or 2 1st rounders, and if that ain't enough....give them whomever they want besides Dwight Howard. I doubt they would want Turk back o. As long as Nash comes to Orlando, I could care less who comes with him or who doesn't. Otis has got to do something. I figure he thinks Dwight will return. LOL!
Posted on: December 21, 2011 8:11 pm

Off-season NBA/Conference Finals predictions

The basic big 3 predictions we all ask ourselves before the season begins.

Eastern Conference Finals: Knicks vs Heat- Why the Heat? Do I really need to explain? Why the Knicks? I like the acquisition of Tyson Chandler. Chandler turned the Mavs around last season to lead them to the Finals with his defensive prlay and I feel he can do the same with the Knicks. Boston misses its depth, def will miss Green, and of course the big 3 is injury prone. If Orlando made a move like get Nash.....I'd be more confident in them, but it is doubtful Otis will make a big move. Wouldn't be surprised if the Bulls get here depending on the seeding. Whoever is the 1 seed at the end of the season will be playing the winner of the #2 and #3 seed.

Western Conference Finals: Thunder vs Clippers-The injury concerns of Butler and CP3 scare me a bit with making this pick. That is why the West is so difficult to figure. Grizzlies no longer have Battier, LA injury concerns with Bynum, and Mavs no longer have Chandler, Stevenson, Butler, JJ and so on, but they did added some nice pieces. None however can replace the defense Chandler brought in the paint. You can look at teams like Portland, but Camby was arrested and no more Roy. Spurs have always been injury prone ball team, but they had some luck last year with no serious injuries til Manu got hurt before the playoffs. In any case, if a trade is made at the deadline.....that may decide the opponent for the Thunder.

Would you like me to be unbiased? LOL!

NBA Finals Biased pick: Thunder vs Knicks=Thunder NBA Champions.
NBA Finals Unbiased pick: Heat vs Thunder=Thunder NBA champions.

Either way, NBA will see dollar signs with either matchup. I picked the Lakers to 3peat last year, but it didn't happen. Later stated, we were gonna see a star player matchup between Lebron and Durant. Either way, we will be seeing that. I like the Thunder in either matchup. Thunder can hit jumpers so they wouldn't have to deal with Chandler in the paint. James Harden, Westbrook, Durant, Cook, and so on can hit there jumpers. Harden came up big last year for the Thunder when they needed him in the playoffs. Will Perk show up? Ibaka could have a breakout season as well. He is young gun a lot of folks like. Thunder would beat the Knicks if they played in a the Finals because their defense stinks especially with Chandler not playing much of a factor because the core can hit their jumpers.

I figure Lebron would guard Durant while Wade takes on Westbrook defensively. Either way, whether Lebron guards Durant which I figure he will. I think the Thunder will have the advantage when the Heat have a point guard on the floor. Battier should be able to take on Durant as well. Battiers defense is what he is. That is why the Heat wanted him. The Heat will have to put a point guard out there at some point....in which will give the advantage to the Thunder. Again, I like the Thunder in either matchup, but I think the better series would be with the opponent being the Heat.
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Posted on: December 17, 2011 11:16 pm

NBA Western Conference seeding predictions 2012

Did Eastern Conference.....why not West?

1.OKC-Last year, my pick to represent the Finals. Almost got there, but this year....they'll get there.

2.Memphis-Best frontcourt in the Western Conference! Griz emerged last season defeating the Spurs in the first round of the playoffs. Now, with a short season, I figure the team will take advantage of it.

3.Lakers-No Odom will definately hurt this team this year. Probably worse than I'm giving them here. Bynum's health will determine this team's fate now that Odom is gone. Who would replace him in the starting lineup? Exactly!!

4.Mavs-No Chandler=no repeat. I do like the additions Mavs did make o, but I don't think it will be enough. One could argue they will be better than LA, but I'm not a big fan of Haywood and I think they lost more than they gained.

5.Clippers-Addition of CP3 and Butler, a lot of fans are excited about the Clippers. I'm not totally sold on this team just yet to annoint them a top team in the West. One of the reasons I am hesitant is because of the history of injuries Butler. Do they have depth?

6.Blazers-Don't know much about Camby and his arrest, but sad ending to Roy's career. Figure the team will be in the mix for the playoffs with Felton running the show.

7.Spurs-Health is always a concern for the Spurs in the past. Lucky enough last season to stay healthy for the most part until Manu got hurt right before the playoffs. With a lot of back to back games, it is doubtful that these guys will stay healthy. Out of respect for the Spurs, I'm not gonna count them out.

8.Nuggets-Who knows? A lot of Nuggets talent isn't even playing in America. Any team could take this slot.
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NBA Eastern Conference seeding predictions 2012

Basically the whole season is in 2012 so......you know! Predictions will be based on moves made by all NBA teams and last season.

1.NYK-Chandler is a great addition to the Knicks. A move I feel will lead the Knicks to their first playoff win. My pick to represent the Eastern Conference this year.

2.Heat-Obviously the fav to not only represent the East in the Finals, but the favorite to win it all!!

3.Bulls-I like the addition of Rip Hamilton. Nice to see him on a winning team again after leaving that Detroit mess. Will it be enough to land them in the NBA Finals? Soon we will find out.

4.Celtics-Celtics will struggle this year with it being a short season playing a ton of back to backs. Celtics have been complaining about training camp and so on......health of the big 4 is crucial for success this season as it always is, but without Green it will be even tougher.

5.Magic-Expecting Howard is there through most of the season. If not, they may make the playoffs trading him at the deadline which is later this year because of the lockout.

6.Pacers-A team that I figure will be a surprise team in the East this season. David West addition is solid if he stays healthy enough.

7.Bucks-Bucks? Some may think, but with Bogut returning after season ending injury along with the addition of Jackson. I think the team will make the playoffs because I believe they have the right pieces to be able to get a spot in the East.

8.Hawks-No Crawford isn't good for the Hawks which makes me feel they won't be as good as they were previously. I say they make the playoffs barely with a battle of the final spot with the 76ers.
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What is wrong with Otis Smith?

For those of you who may not know who Otis Smith is.....he is the GM of the Orlando Magic. He runs the team of who comes in and out of the team. In any case, of all the moves he could have made.....Big Baby for Brandon Bass? Are you kidding me? You had how long to figure out how to keep Howard around with various moves and this is the best you can do? Take in a player who is nothing more than a bench player who is now overpaid. Bass was a nice trade asset to use to get some good players around Dwight Howard. Instead you trade a young stud away for an overpaid bench player? Why not trade Dwight Howard for Scalabrine while you are at it? Why not trade Nelson and whoever for a point guard like Steve Nash who wants to compete for a championship? He is great offenisvely and solid pick and roll player. Why not? I mean....I can think of a lot better scenarios than crappy deals that will hurt the Magic in the long run.
Posted on: December 11, 2011 12:26 am

CP3 trade should have been approved!

I know, "another CP3 trade post", but hear me out. I'd like to give my opinion on the deal. I'm gonna start out by saying the trade should have went through. Why? Hornets certainly benefited from the trade big time. The Lakers and Rockets if anyone lost in the deal. Basketball reasons crap is garbage. For all the arguments about the value of CP3 to the team so they can be able to sell the team to a bidder isn't a factor. It shouldn't be if it is. Bidders have attempted to buy the Hornets and the reason the deal didn't happen was because the bidders didn't like the location of the team. Stern wants the team to stay in New Orleans which is why the team has yet to be sold at this time. CP3 has already stated he is leaving as a free agent at the end of the season. What value does that bring to the franchise? For 66 games he is there and he is gone if you keep him. Why keep him and get nothing? Hornets got one helluva deal if you ask me compared to what the Cavs and Raptors received last summer.

What is wrong with the trade? 2 superstars aka great players on one team? The Lakers got worse with the deal if you ask me. Why do I say that? Look at their frontcourt....Who is starting for the Lakers at power forward or Center on opening night? Won't be Bynum because he is suspended and he is injury prone. Missed 17 games by avg the last couple of seasons. What will happen when they face teams with bigs? They are gonna get destroyed in the paint and out rebounded just about every game because now they are thin. That was one of the great assets that led to their championships was their depth in the frontcourt. Now with no Odom or Gasol....who will fill in for injury prone Bynum? Who will start? Come on now!!

Rockets if anybody lost in the deal.....Gasol for a 1st round pick, Kevin Martin, Scola, and, Dragic. Are you kidding me?

Hornets ran away with this deal big time. I have no idea why anyone would think they lost in this deal. They received 2 draft picks, Dragic, Scola, Kevin Martin, Odom. Look at that solid lineup they would have. PG: Jack or Dragic, SG: Martin, SF:Ariza, PF:Scola, C: Okafor, and 6th man Odom. What is wrong with that lineup? I'd rather the Hornets get something than nothing for CP3.

You have owners out there complaining like Dan Gilbert. He is one of the main reasons why the NBA had a lockout. Making new rules where players can't return to their team after being traded. Brings back memories of Z and Jamison deal. I find it hard to feel any more pity for the Cavs and their fans.
Posted on: December 3, 2011 7:20 pm

Who should LA target? CP3 or D-12?

I've heard the rumor mill via CBS that LA is not only targeting Dwight Howard or Chris Paul....they are targeting both. I think it is very doubtful that the dream scenario came true. Take it for what it is worth, but who should the Lakers target?

Let me start out by saying.....I believe Dwight has a much bigger chance of landing in LA than Chris Paul. I think LA should add CP3. Why? They got Bynum and yes I know he injury prone, but he has potential to be great. I'd say when healthy he is the 2nd best center in the league behind Dwight Howard. The LA Lakers have been needing a point guard for years. They need a defensive point guard more so than a scoring one, but CP3 is the best defensive point guard in the game in my opinion. If somehow they would be able to keep Bynum or Gasol for CP3.....I believe that would be the best case scenario. Point guards have owned the LA Lakers. Chris Paul himself did it last year in a very entertaining series. They almost beat the Lakers, but free throws for the Hornets killed them. In any case, if you can't beat him....join him. I'd get CP3 if I were LA.

Neither would be bad case scenario, but Buss does love Bynum. Dwight Howard doesn't have the injury concerns like CP3 has had over the past couple of years. Dwight did say according to reports if he could play with any NBA player in the league....he wanted to play with Kobe Bryant. The comparisons to Shaq would be a media frenzy. Starting out in Orlando and joining LA....WOW!! I'm interested in Shaq's book, but I don't want to pay 25+ for it. In any case, what do you think? LA should target who? Chris Paul or Dwight Howard!?!?
Posted on: December 3, 2011 7:06 pm

Who should NYK target? D-12 or CP3?

All the rumors about the Knicks wanting one of the two. Which one should the Knicks target? I doubt the Knicks unless a 3rd team gets involved.....will not be getting either player. In the long haul however.....if both are on the market....who should they target.

My opinion:

The Knicks were really good offensively last season, but defensively they were one of the worst. Now how could they change that? I'd say add 3-time defensive player of the year winner Dwight Howard. The change of their defense would change dramatically from the deal. Dwight Howard is without question, the best defensive player in the NBA. Has been for the last 3 years. 3 Defensive player of the year awards 3 straight years to show for it. That one guy would change the team defensively and help them win a championship. Plus, Billups may return for a shot at a championship. Let me please add on to this fact: Look at the point guard position today. They have a ton of good point guards out there. Dwight Howard is without question the best center in the NBA. It would be much easier to get a point guard in the league than to find a center that is very thin now days.

CP3 joining would mean you would dump Billups. A vet on this team that has won an NBA championship. Chris Paul in my opinion, is the best point guard in the game. He can score, play D, and so on. Either player joining the team would be beneficial. CP3 would be good in that transition offense that Dantoni runs in New York. You can't really go wrong here, but I think the team would definately be better if Howard was there. Who knows? They may be able to get Steve Nash to sign cheap. With all the weapons the Knicks have....I think the Knicks could be unstoppable offensively. I say get Dwight if you can and go after a pg via FA. Probably Nash!!
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