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NFL predictions 2012 how does your team finish?

You see predictions made by several "experts" all over the web and on TV. Since most of you out there know that I'm an expert and since my predictions are the ones everyone wants to see....I say hey, why not? Giving people and my fans what they want. I'll provide reasons why I feel they will finish where the team does along with giving you reasons why team X will have more success than the others. Here is what you all wanted final standing come week 17 will look like this: The team in italic will be the ones making the playoffs.

AFC East:
Patriots-As much as I dislike the Pats, I know they will be the division winner. Pick your sleepers folks, but you'll be looking like fools as always if you choose any team other than the Patriots.
Bills-Bills weren't healthy last season which is why they had a huge drop off last year with top offensive players hurt which includes Jackson, Fitzpatrick, and so forth. Adding a defensive player like Mario Williams may take them to the playoffs. I expect them to make the playoffs this year.
Jets-I believe pass rush will continue to be an issue defensively for this football team. Don't believe they have enough weapons for Sanchez to be successful offensively. Biggest factor to me is their running back Greene. I don't believe in him.....prove me wrong!!
Dolphins-Best weapon is Ocho Cinco and they have the likes of Matt Moore or Garrard leading that team. I don't believe like one of the Dolphin players....they are not winning the AFC!! I hope they are better than I predict....o.

AFC North:
Steelers-What else do I need to say.....isn't it obvious?
Ravens-Of the division, I believe Ravens had the worst offseason. Several huge losses via FA this year which includes a pro bowl guard, Jarrett Johnson, and so forth. You got the Ravens still signing lineman to compete for the starting job. McKinnie still has his condition issues. Isn't the only guy on the Ravens who has those issues. Rookie 2nd round pick Upshaw failed first conditioning test. That is one of the main reasons he fell in the draft. Asking him to come in and fill the starting spot of Jarrett Johnson while asking Kruger along with a man who has recovered from having a broken skull to replace Suggs. Lewis looked old and slow late in the year....expect it again this year. Ed Reed is coming off the worst season of is career. Not good signs at all for Ravens to be successful. One could argue they will miss the playoffs. It could happen....
Bengals-Who is the #2 receiver? Green-Ellis that much of an upgrade over Benson? Not much if you ask me. Losing Frostee Rucker was a bigger loss than most Bengal fans will say it is. Nice cornerback core, but I believe they made a mistake in the draft by drafting defense 1st before addressing the receiver situation. Can't beat either Pittsburgh or Baltimore last year along with the fact Dalton is struggling already in camp. I say sophmore slump is coming. When was the last time Bengals had consecutive winning seasons? I believe it was was the year of 1983. 
Browns-Steeler owns the Browns? No surprise there because Steelers have owned the Browns for years. Weeden sucks with pressure on. Had a ton of interceptions in college. I expect the same despite some nice additions like Richardson who will be facing 3 count'em 3 top 10 rush defenses in this division 6x.  That along with Josh Gordon seems nice, but they lost their DT Phil Taylor possibly for the season. Similar to the Suggs injury where you don't know if he is going to play a game or not.

AFC South:    
Texans-How can anyone bet against the Texans? Dominant defense despite losing Williams last season. Got a playoff win with a 3rd string QB. They should be able to do that with Schaub back under center. Anything less than 2 playoff wins for Schaub will be seen as a failure. Pressure is on!!
Titans-Jake Locker apparently is the fav to win the job, but he did have an oppurtunity to lead the Titans to the playoffs last year in the final game. Didn't throw the ball which to me was stupid, but he will learn from those mistakes. Maybe he can ask world's funniest home videos for Rivers performance in the clutch to learn of what not to do in those situation. That is the place to find the film.
Colts-Thats right, Colts will finish 3rd in the AFC South!! I believe Luck will have the better season of the 2 this year. He has the better offense to work with if you ask me. He got him 2 nice tight end additions along with Wayne, Collie, and so forth. Advantage of being in a much easier division than the one RG3 is in. Jags may not have MJD this year because some believe he will holdout because of his contract situation.Not good because the offense is terrible. Write down the bold prediction.
Jaguars-Possibly no MJD along with a possible suspension for Blackmon. No real weapons to scare anyone offensively of course will lead to the downfall. Surprised Jags finished the way they did last season. I think Del Rio made the mistake of getting rid of Garrard and starting Gabbert too soon.

AFC West:
Chargers-Some Charger fans believe and say that they own Peyton Manning. Philip Rivers led Chargers have beaten the Colts in the playoffs 2x. I suppose that should speak enough volumes for some. Just like the Cowboys, I'm going to go with the Chargers getting in the playoffs as a division winner. That despite some reporters believing that one bad season will continue because his arm just doesn't have the same zip it used to. Call me crazy....isn't the 1st time!!
Broncos-I know some may hate on me for not having Peyton led Broncos win the division, but I don't care. He sucked vs the AFC West his whole career. Concerns with neck and not having great weapons he had in Indy will hurt him. Is he going to be the same Peyton? Argument like Peyton is better than Tebow is ridiculous. Peyton isn't the same Peyton Manning. Tebow can play outside something Peyton hasn't been used to. He will have an outdoor stadium not in a dome. That also will hurt Peyton. Peyton's career #s, dome, weapons, neck, and so forth is the reason why the Broncos and Peyton Manning will not make the playoffs! Unlike most posters, I provide facts with my opinions!! For all of you idiots out there saying Peyton is better than Tebow which means they will be better.....you guys must be expecting an AFC championship appearance because all Tebow was 1 win away from. If you don't believe the Broncos will make it to the AFC championship game.....stop using that argument!
Chiefs-Berry, Charles, Cassel and so forth back in the mix. New HC who led them to defeat the undefeated Packers last season. 1 reason why some have high expectations for them. 1 could argue they will win the division. I just don't believe they are that much improved. However, I think Baldwin will have a huge year.
Raiders-What additions did they make that make you say they will be a better team this year? Exactly why I have them finishing last because every team got better, but them.

NFC East:
Eagles-Vick and Eagles performance may decide whether or not Reid is heading out the door. That is why I like them this year because the way they started to play like I expected. They would start off slow and end strong because they starting gaining chemistry, play calling got better because DC started to learn what was going wrong early on. Some of his calls weren't going to the strengths of the players they signed last season. This year, Eagles will win the division!!
Cowboys-Hype is one word to describe the Cowboys. High expectations every year for the team and they continue to fail. Similar to the Chargers in a lot of ways. Great talent, but they don't produce in the win column. Jones believes Cowboys window is closing and I seem to agree with them. 1 playoff win in what? 17 years and you brag about being America's team? Prove it on the football field!!
Giants-Consistant play has been an issue with this football team. 1 week they look great and next week they get stomped the Redskins. That is one of main reasons why I'm betting against the Giants to make it back to the playoffs. Even as awful as the Eagles were last season, they almost stole the division away from the Giants which is saying something.
Redskins-I believe people out there are foolish to believe RG3 is going to make such a big impact on the Redskins. I don't believe Redskins will get out of the gutter, offensive line stinks, and questionable receiving core. Defense is best part of the team. RG3 isn't going to have a better season than Luck!! There my friends is a bold prediction for ya!!

NFC North:
Packers-No denying that this young team is one of the most talented groups in the NFL. Worst defense in NFL history, but they can't get much worse can they? Certainly should get a bye week again this year.
Bears-Cutler not only got a weapon this offseason, but he got the best weapon he ever had the chance to play with and that is of course Brandon Marshall. Would have made the playoffs last year if not for injuries to Forte and Cutler. I believe they were 7-3 til those injuries and Hanie ruined it despite high expectations after performance in NFC championship game.
Lions-First you wanted to root for the Lions because you felt pity for them. Now the success goes to their head and they believe they can do what they please. Leading the league in arrests this offseason along with a terrible leader in a coach. Bad formula that will turn in to a decline in Ws this season. That and most likely would have missed the playoffs had Forte and Cutler stayed healthy.
Vikings-I don't agree at all with the owner of the Vikings. For those who havn't heard: He believes the Vikings will win the NFC North. Weapons? Defense?

NFC South:
Panthers-I like the challenge of making bold predictions and this I believe may be 1 of them. Choosing the Panthers to win the South. Defense is instantly going to be better this year with leader returning among other additions.
Saints-Saint fans hated me, loved me, and now hate me again. I've chewed some crow in the past by talking smack about the Saints. I no longer hate the Saints as much as I did in the past. Even picked the team to go to the Super Bowl last year after a stellar draft. Alex Smith drive away from getting to the NFC Championship game. This year, I'm betting against them without Payton. Brees is very accurate with his throws, but gives up a lot of picks when Payton isn't at the helm. I'm hinting at the small stint when Payton got hurt last year during the Bucs game. Maybe they prove me and the world wrong by going back in the playoffs. I made this respectable enough for 2nd place.
Falcons-It is well-documented that I've never been that high on the Falcons. Over-rated written all over that team. Not only get blown out on your home field in the playoffs, but the next season not scoring an offensive point. Defense outscored the offense for goodness sake and the trade for Jones was going to make their offense better. Obviously that wasn't the case. Turner is said to be slowing down...maybe they prove me wrong. I doubt it o.....
Bucs-NFC South is without a doubt the toughest division to predict. I like the Bucs this year too. Bucs may prove me wrong and be 1 of the tops in the division.

NFC West:
49ers-Smith + weapons will take the 49ers to the Super Bowl this year. Didn't have any weapons last year in the playoffs. Shows by 1 catch by a receiver aka not a tight end. Adding Moss and Manningham is intriguing as well. Barring injuries defensively, shouldn't be a problem to get to the Super Bowl. I believe it was 2 special team fumbles that cost the 49ers the game vs the Giants.
Cardinals-Bit of a tossup with the Seahawks, but I like the Cardinals a bit more. Floyd on the other side along with the defense playing better...I do like the Cardinals more so than the Seahawks.
Seahawks-When you have to go out and sign receivers in July....I think that is a bad sign. That is why I'm picking the Cardinals!!
Rams-Battling with the Browns, Vikings, Dolphins for the #1 selection in 2013 NFL draft. Maybe it was injuries last year and they surprise us....I hope so because I like Bradford.

Underlined teams are the winners....

Playoff predictions: Byes: 1.Steelers/2.Patriots while 1.Packers/2.Eagles
WC Round: 3.49ers beat 6.Cowboys; 4.Panthers loses 5.Bears; 3.Texans beat 6.Bills; 4.Chargers beat 5.Ravens
Divisional Round: 1.Packers beat 5.Bears; 2.Eagles loses 3.49ers; 1.Steelers beat 4.Chargers; 2.Patriots beat 3.Texans
Championship Round: 1.Packers loses 3.49ers; 1.Steelers beat 2.Patriots  
Super Bowl 47: 1.Steelers beat 3.49ers  
There is my predictions for the season. Didn't want to spoil you with records....just make it simple for you folks out there. It was your pleasure to read the magnificent predictions I posted for all of you. Just giving you a warning of the Stairway to 7 for Pittsburgh this year. Don't like it? All I gotta say is you better get used to it. I'm going to leave you all with something special to end this post with a few statements: This year the Ravens are going to be the ones battling with Bengals for 2nd in the AFC North. The Steelers? They will be battling for the Super Bowl this year. Pointing fingers to the sky screaming "YES, YES, YES!!" Sometimes, I amaze myself with my responses. Winning debates just comes to me. Surprised??SurprisedDon't be........STAY JEALOUS!!Cool

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NFL mock draft 2012

1.Andrew Luck QB
2.RG3 QB selected by the Redskins
3.Matt Kalil OT
4.Trent Richardson RB
5.Morris Claibourne CB
6.Justin Blackmon WR
7.Quinton Coples DE
8.Devon Still DT
9.Riley Reiff OT 
10.Jonathon Martin OT
11.David Decastro OG
12.Zach Brown OLB
13.Mike Adams OT
14.Dre Kirkpatrick CB
15.Luke Kuechly ILB
16.Courtney Upshaw OLB
17.Janoris Jenkins CB
18.Melvin Ingram DE
19.Michael Floyd WR
20.Michael Brockers DT
21.David Wilson RB
22.Kendall Wright WR
23.Whitney Mercilus DE
24.Cordy Glenn OT
25.Jerel Worthy DT
26.Dontari Poe DT
27.Mark Barron SS
28.Fletcher Cox DT
29.Peter Konz C
30.Alshon Jeffery WR
31.Dont'a Hightower ILB
32.Chase Minnifield CB
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ATKOOL: "Steelers loss @ Broncos was a blessing"

I must say, it has been a very weird week. I've been a bit paranoid...not about the game. The possible end result of who would win the Super Bowl. I had no doubt in my mind that the Steelers would win vs Denver. Steelers injuries was stacked up which was put against them when they would make their Super Bowl picks. All the negative talk going on over @ the Steelers board was something I've been avoiding. I hate being around folks who claim to be a Steelers fan and counting the Steelers out. Some even joined the rest of the Steeler hate crew by saying they wouldn't make it to the playoffs after a quarter of the season had been played. Just one thing after the other. Just got sick of all the negatives and look more at the positives which I hope to be able to bring in this post.

Every year, NFL analysts are always pointing at players who they expect to succeed and players they expect to fail. Example: Andrew Luck is a qb who is going to be the next Peyton Manning. Those kind of guys who have them high expectations....I don't root for to succeed as much as I do for the underdogs: Tim Tebow. I've been defending Tebow all year and taking jabs at Kyle Orton. I was happy when Tebow got the starting job and they began winning. I was rooting for Tebow to succeed because of the story of how every NFL analyst has been taking shots at him. I rooted for Tebow and the Broncos in every single game up until they played the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Been a fan of Pittsburgh Steelers for a fairly long time. From the Kordell Stewart years, Maddox, and of course Big Ben. I must say, Tebow and the Broncos played one helluva football game. One 50 yard pass after another. Still stuck with the game plan despite all of the 50 yarders given up. Certainly did suck to watch everything just not going the Steelers way. Just one thing after the other whether it be with injuries, dropped passes, and so on. Pittsburgh did come back and take it to OT which made the loss much less hurtful than it did at halftime. I began thinking to myself after a good night sleep that maybe it was better for the team. Maybe it was a blessing with all the injuries that the Steelers had sustained along with running back coach in the hospital. It was just one thing after the other. Players playing hurt among other things. It may be better for the team long term with so many guys out and guys playing hurt. It is probably a blessing to let players relax, get healthy, and so on. Better to lose to a qb who I like than lose to Flacco or Brady so the fans would have bragging rights.

With the Steelers out, I'll be rooting for Denver to win it all. LOL! Just for the purpose of hearing his critics afterward. What a story that would be. I have no doubt that Tebow will be able to lead the Broncos to the Super Bowl. Why? It goes along with the story of Suggs bashing Tebow on First Take last week. He is leading Denver to punish and defeat the Ravens for that sin. I'm paranoid enough to believe it!! LOL! Mark my words: Broncos/Ravens AFC championship game. Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.......STAY JEALOUS!!Cool

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Steelers @ Broncos wildcard playoff preview

I voiced that I was rooting for Tebow to prove all the doubters wrong all season as I do with most rookies who come in to the league with questions about them being able to play in the NFL. When guys like Luck come in with all these high expectations....I don't really root for. I laughed and called both botch kicks. I wouldn't have mentioned this of course if either would have been in. In either case, all great things must come to an end.
It has come down to this....the AFC West champion in the San Diego Chargers led by their elite qb Philip Rivers. EmbarassedCry

^I hate typos....let me try again. It has come down to this........the AFC West champion in the Denver Broncos led by Tim Tebow will matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers led by their elite qb Ben Roethlisberger.

I've heard several statements about Mendenhall's injury and how the Steelers won't be able to play well without him. For the idiots believing that garbage who watch TV to figure out who to pick for the pro bowl, who is the elite qbs, who is the best teams, and so on. Thank goodness, I'm here to share my wisdom with all of you because most of you would be brainwashed into believing nonsense. Nonsense like Haynesworth/Ocho Cinco were great acquistions for the Pats during the offseason, believing that the Steelers would not make the playoffs after a quarter of the season has been played, and I could go on. He isn't top 20 in any category and somehow he is the reason Steelers can't make a playoff run in the playoffs? Really? I'm sure those 60 yards per game will be missed....not!! Redman rushed for like 97 yards vs the Browns after he went down. 2 count'em 2 100 yard rushing games for Mendenhall this year. Jonathon Dwyer who has had like 20-30 rush attempts this year has 1 and he is on the Steelers as well. For anyone to believe Mendenhall's performance have played a huge factor in Steelers offense this year hasn't watched many games at all. Ben and the passing game has carried the offense all year long. Mendenhall has done jack besides run TDs in after the passing game takes them down in the redzone. At times, ground game couldn't even get it in vs the Browns defensive line. By the way, Browns are one of the worst at stopping the run. Here are some stats for you:

The Steelers placed starting running back Rashard Mendenhall on injured reserve this week after he tore his ACL. Statistics say Pittsburgh's running game will be more explosive without him. Since the start of 2010, Mendenhall averaged 3.9 yards per carry, the fifth worst among the 28 players with at least 300 rushes in the past two seasons (according to ESPN S&I). Isaac Redman, who is expected to replace Mendenhall, is averaging 4.5 yards per carry over that span. Mendenhall also had the second fewest yards after contact (1.6 per carry) among running backs with at least 200 carries. The rest of the Steelers averaged 2.6 yards after contact.

I have no doubt in the Steelers defense vs the Broncos this week. My one concern if I had one would be Tebow can run the football. Seneca Wallace did good when his receivers weren't open and was able to create big yardage on the ground because of it. That is virtually the only concern is that Tebow can make plays with his feet. Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.......STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
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Bengals @ Texans wildcard playoff preview

If someone told me I was going to be making a post about the Bengals in the playoffs....I would have called you insane. Unfortunately, no one saw it coming. I'm happy for the Bengals making the playoffs. Especially when no fans at Cincy are supporting that team because they believe the owner is cheap and the prices for tickets are so high. It is great to see and hear. Cincy has the best fans in the NFL!!!

In any case, we got to witness a great ending to a football game between these two teams a month or so ago. TJ Yates led the team down field with seconds left to win the football game. 3rd string qb, no Andre Johnson, and so on. I believe Andre Johnson will play this week which should make it much tougher for the Bengals secondary this go round. Who has the better game? Green or Johnson? In any case, Houston deserves a lot of credit for all the adversity they have overcome with a lot of injuries to their star players including: Arian Foster, Andre Johnson, Matt Schaub, and I could go on. First playoff appearance in franchise history. Both teams are looking to pick up the victory for first playoff win in ages.

Who wins: Texans

Why: I picked the Bengals before, but I have changed my mind with the recent brain storm I just had. My reasons to be cautious with the Bengals: Who have they beat this year with a winning record? They didn't bring any momentum to the playoffs with them as did the Texans. Texans will have Andre Johnson back so it will be much tougher than it was last time vs the Texans. Bengals are a young football team and not as mature as the Texans are. They are both new to the playoff environment, but the home field advantage may be too much for the Bengals to overcome.

Final word: All I can say is....Raven fans: You had better root for the Bengals to lose cuz as you know, you won't be winning a Super Bowl in Woodley's lifetime. Patriot fans: I've heard some Pat fans on the board claiming to be rooting for the Bengals because they don't want to face Pittsburgh. I'm telling the truth here, I suggest you all do the same. Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.....STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
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Falcons @ Giants wildcard playoff preview

First I have to say congrats to both of these football teams for proving me wrong. I've been bashing both for most of the season stating Falcons are over-rated and Giants will choke the division away 1 game at a time in the 2nd half. Congrats to proving me wrong.

Giants coming into this football game with a ton of momentum defeating the likes of the Jets, Cowboys, and so on in the process. Falcons on the other hand have went another direction. Losing to the Saints on Monday Night, but they did bounce back with a victory over the Bucs that was over at half-time. Who do I like in this one?

I like the Giants to win this football game. They have gotten the job done in the playoffs and in the clutch all season. Home field is another nice quality to have along with having a vets on your football team. I am asking once again for the Falcons to prove me wrong as I did last year in the playoffs when they were destroyed on their home field. Can the Falcons win on the road? 4-4 they finished the season with and losses really have only come on the road. That can be a plus when you have home field, but not when your on the road. Last year, home field didn't make much of a difference. Falcons making a terrible trade for Jones during the draft to get Matty Ice another weapon.

Verdict: The Giants are going to win this football game because their stellar receiving core will take advantage of that weak secondary. Turner to me, is the only chance the Falcons have of winning. If he has a solid game....they will have a great chance to win, but it isn't likely. Can the Falcons protect Matt Ryan from one of the best defensive lines in the game? I don't think so.....Giants have all the the advantages in the world to defeat the Falcons. I wouldn't be shocked if this is a blowout. Prove me wrong!! Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.......STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
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