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Posted on: October 30, 2011 11:14 pm

Postgame 2011: Pats vs Steelers

Steelers beat the Patriots!! No one knows how much that means to me to be able to type that. Through the week leading up to the game, I saw Steeler posters not being confident. Some stating we should prepare for the worst. That isn't the kind of attitude I like to see which is why I decided to post "Countdown to Pats loss @Heinz Field is upon us!" No one really posting about the game really which is why I felt the need to post something about it. I always post a preview for a Steelers game weekly. "Brady owns the Steelers" was the theme this week for the media hyping the game. Some stating Steelers didn't have a chance. Steelers proved them critics wrong once again. I'm very proud to be able to say that. "Bad matchup for Pittsburgh" is the kind of thing I heard. Steelers kept Brady on the bench. 3 and outs defense got vs the Pats offense was great. It was thrilling and exciting throughout. The game I most looked forward to this season. The team I wanted the Steelers most to beat and they got the job done!! A W I've been wanting for a very long time. The win means a lot to me. One of the most meaningful wins happened today for Pittsburgh. Doubters, proving you wrong week, after week, after week. Don't write Pittsburgh off......you make yourself look foolish!!

I know I'm not well liked around the boards, but it doesn't bother me. I care way more about the Steelers winning football games and week in, week out, they prove they are the best team in the league. Not everyone agrees with that, but I believe in the Pittsburgh Steelers. Win or lose, I'm behind them. I'm not gonna post that "I expect a loss to the Pats this week." I have too much Steelers pride to do that. To sit here and claim that would be a slap in the face to that football team that I have rooted for all my life. That is something I'm very proud to say. I'd much rather trash talk week after week and look like a homer rather than ever say "I have doubts Pittsburgh will win a football game." I have faith in the Pittsburgh Steelers. I believe they can beat any team on any given day.  The win today really meant a lot. Praise is deserved on both sides of the football. Sacking Brady was probably the highlight of the game for me simply because last year, it felt like Steelers couldn't get him. I have passion for Steelers football. I care if they leave with a win or loss. At the end of the day, I don't want anyone to doubt the passion, love, respect, and the heart I have for Pittsburgh Steelers football.

Steelers are now on a 4 game win streak heading into a big game vs Baltimore. This win is by far the most important victory Steelers need throughout their schedule. I hope the Steelers go into the bye with the win streak intact. Pats, hope Steelers meet ya in the playoffs. Until then, good luck the rest of the way. Baltimore, it is redemption time!! Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.......STAY JEALOUS!!Cool

Posted on: October 26, 2011 12:25 am
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Countdown to Pats loss @Heinz Field is upon us...

Trash talk: I would normally type in the title "Patriots @ Steelers 2011 preview" like I do every week with Steelers opponents, but I'm not going to this week. I've placed bets on the Steelers this Sunday. I made a bet that if Steelers win, Pat fans would have to say Ben Roethlisberger is better than Tom Brady. If the Steelers would lose, I'd admit Belichick is a genius. Obvious win/lose situation for both parties. Willing to do the same here for any Pat fan is willing to accept. Several Pat fans who I'd like to accept include ZigZag, Sonny, dbldwn711, and whoever else is willing to accept it. I will make a thread after the Steelers/Patriots game if the Pats lose stating Bill Belichick is a genius. If the Steelers win, I make the thread and you'll just have to reply Big Ben Roethlisberger is better than Tom Brady. I think that is fair bet/deal don't ya think? Call me a homer all you want, but I want to show my Steelers pride. I believe in the Pittsburgh Steelers and I believe they can beat any team on any given day. I'll never bet or pick against the Pittsburgh Steelers. I'm not a fan who lacks confidence in this football team. Willingness to hear the critics post game is worth it. I'd much rather be called an idiot any day of the week than have someone tell me I have no heart or passion for the team I believe is the best football team in the NFL! I welcome all criticism towards me. I'm ready for the Steelers/Pats war this Sunday @ Heinz Field. BRING IT ON!!


I'll let Pat fans fill you in on the injury update, but I think it is doubtful for James Harrison to compete in the game Sunday. Ward, Hampton, Hoke, among others are probably/questionable. The spread has Pats as 3.5 favs as I saw on First Take today.

Everyone laughed when I stated the Steelers were gonna be on a winning streak after the Texans game. Do you critics bother to look at the schedule they have? In any case, I'm very happy Jags beat the Ravens Monday Night.  2 very important games ahead for Pittsburgh matchups include Baltimore and Cincy before the bye week. Hope the Steelers end this 3 game stretch with Ws. Love how the critics are silent with praise for Pittsburgh lately after bashing them earlier in the season claiming they are done. Including some Steeler fans in which I was very upset over. In any case, the defense has been playing a lot better with more motivation after that frustrating start. Woodly has had a lot of sacks to his resume this year in the previous 3 game stretch. Hope he brings the same this Sunday vs the Pats. Pass defense has been surprisingly been very good despite injury to Bryant McFadden. Rush defense has done a lot better as well despite injury to James Harrison. Hope the stretch continues of course. Running game this year has been disappointing for the most part. Keys to win the football is very simple: 1.Don't turnover the football, 2.put pressure on Brady, 3. time of possession, and 4.Ben and the passing offense have field day vs Pats pass defense. I'm sure Mike Wallace will have another 40+ reception this week as he has in the past 6 weeks.

Should be a great game! Surprised??SurprisedDon't be....STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
Posted on: October 17, 2011 11:33 am

Objectivity #3: Bill Belichick is a genius?

It bugs the crap out of me to see all praise given to one guy and receive no criticism. Media has blinded people to believe what they want you to believe. Some people are brain washed into believing crazy things such as Germans believing Jews are the reason they lost WW1, Rivers being an elite quarterback, Bill Belichick being a genius, and so on. It is time to look at both sides of the equation. Look at it objectively rather than be biased about it. I have my sources for the info I use in my posts.The purpose is to show both sides of an equation. Not just look at it one side, but to look at it in both sides of the equation.

Belichick is regarded as a genius around the NFL world. Is he really though? The man is known for defense being his specialty, but since that time he has proven otherwise. Worst defense in the league currently in my opinion speaks volumes. The man is regarded as a genius for what reason? Is it because he wins football games like every other coach in the NFL? Is it because of spygate? I don't get it at all.

It definately can't be because his drafting in his tenure at New England. I found this via google to recap his NEs drafting failures: http://www.sportsuntapped.com/is-bi
 Names you never even heard of and half of them that did make a bit of a name for themselves like Maroney and Meriweather are big busts. When was the last time the man drafted a solid running back or wide receiver for his offense in the earlier years when Pat fans claim Brady had no name receivers. Whose fault is it that they are no name receivers? Bill's play calling, Brady, and expert Bill's drafting skills. The man stocks up like 10 draft picks a year and leave with maybe 1-3 good players out of the draft to show for it. That is terrible in my eyes anyway.

The only way Brady did have good receivers was because they went out and traded for them. Sign undrafted rookie running back like Woodhead....he gets all kinds of praise for. 1.Woodhead isn't a every down back. 2.Wouldn't it had looked better if he actually drafted the guy rather than having to get him from FA? 3.The guy isn't a star by anyones imagination. Why should the guy be receiving praise for adding a guy like Woodhead who isn't even good enough to start for NE? A long with all the draft failures he has had like 7 busts each and every year. Are you folks who call him a genius blinded or something? Some Pat fans thought Bill should receive praise for trading a former 1st round pick by Belichick away for a 4th rounder last year. Why should he receive praise for a trading away a huge bust in the first round? It isn't like his draft success in the past is gonna prove us otherwise. LOL! It proves how foolish, biased, and how ignorant you people are who call Bill Belichick a genius. He is a genius for trading away Moss? The same guy who was in talks of having him back this year. Only reason he isn't because Moss wanted a long term contract. Look at the moves for Chad Ocho Cinco and Haynesworth. Those looked like they worked out. Everyone was wondering why they didn't go out and get a defensive lineman. WOW! Genius moves by Bill is proving me right.

Come on now....let us not be fools here. We all know he isn't a genius. We can stop with all the hype and praise for the man. Pats havn't been the same since the defense has been gone. That trade with the Raiders last season looked good as well. Seymour still looks sharp.....Vrabel move made him look smart as well. LOL! Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.....STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
Posted on: September 26, 2011 11:23 pm

Deserved praise and criticism week 3

I'm gonna try to make this weekly series due to my critics claiming I only praise my favorite team while bash everyone else.


Lions-They deserve a ton of respect for doing something they weren't able to do the past couple of seasons.....win football games late. Stafford is a lead candidate for comeback player of the year. Lions + playoff win in 2011 season sounds likely!! Won first game @Minny since Barry Sanders day. Congrats is well deserved.

Bills-I always make the safe pick and go with the team that is far more proven. Pats have earned respect around the league for years now. Bills proved the doubters wrong and came up big with a victory. I'm happy to say congrats to Bills! Fitzpatrick>Orton and Henne. A dolphin fan laughed when I predicted 3rd place for the Bills. I suppose the Bills are getting the last laugh.

Colt McCoy-The man led an avg receiving corps without Peyton Hillis to a 4th quarter comeback. I had a feeling it would happen when I witnessed it. I couldn't believe Dolphins choked away the victory.Credit is well-deserved for the Browns offense!! Looks like the former Longhorn will be having a bright future in Cleveland for years to come.

McFadden's ground game-I was thinking upset here, but my respect for the Jets kept me from picking them.  Raiders proved me wrong. They are legit and Campbell is excelling. Congrats is well-deserved. Hopefully ya snatch that AFC West crown. Undefeated in division last year and now defeating playoff teams. Take the Rex Ryan challenge and beat NE.

SD defense-Have you seen that defense this year? The defense has been doing their job and bailing out Rivers in 3 straight games. Despite starting this season with 6 interceptions.....that stat stuffer still almost cost his team ball games. An interception by Weddle was the difference in the win/loss this week with 55 seconds left. Only giving up 10 points in week 1. Rivers is a lucky man!


Miami Dolphins-losing to the Browns without their best offensive player? Giving up a 4th quarter lead late as well. Am I the only one who still feels Sparano will be fired first?

Falcons-The Super Bowl bound Falcons, who were gonna be an offensive powerhouse with Julio Jones, only put 13 points on the board. They should have 3 losses right now if not for Vick getting hurt. LOL! Super Bowl and Falcons? Are you kidding me? Hate to say I told you so. Nope....I don't hate to say it.

Pats run game-Why didn't the Patriots run the football in the 2nd half? I can't understand why they would continue to throw with that lead. I know some folks say they have a terrible ground game, but it was top 10 in 2010. Take some time off the clock and keep the Bills offense off the field. Instead they throw.....we know how that resulted!

Vikings offense-3 consecutive games the Vikings have gave up leads in the 2nd half. I believe all were more than a TD. I can't put it all on the defense because you expect more from an offense. McNabb has got to step up if they can't get the ground game going. Not a good situation to be in 0-3 in a division that has two undefeated teams. Got to get a W this week if you wish to make the playoffs.

CJ2k-game isn't back yet after week 3. If Titans want to dethrone the favorites to win the South, he needs to get his game on.
Posted on: September 22, 2011 8:41 pm
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Predicting 2011 record: New England Patriots

With them being 2-0 currently. Some may question if they will finish better then last years record: 14-2.

@Bills-I say they sweep the Bills this year.
@Oakland-Another W here!
vs Jets-I think the Jets will split with the Pats this year, but not at home.
vs Cowboys-This game really depends on the health of the receiving core such as Miles Austin. I say Pats pull out a close one.
week 7 bye
@Steelers-Will they call holding on the Pats offensive line? If they do.....Steelers win!
vs NYG-Pats get revenge with a victory!
@Jets-Jets win!
vs KC-Depends on how the running game performs. With Charles out....I suspect Pats will win!
@Philly-Two media loved teams facing one another. "Potential" Super Bowl 46 matchup. Eagles pull out a close one!
vs Indy-No Manning.....no way Colts win this one.
@Skins-Can Pats pass D handle Grossman? LOL! Pats win!
@Broncos-If Tebow is the starter......nah Pats win!
vs Fins-The Pats pick up the W!
vs Bills-Win by a larger margin than week 3s victory!

I say 13-3.....12-4 I predicted before the season. I expected Peyton to play vs Pats.

Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.......STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
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Posted on: September 19, 2011 5:47 pm
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Deserved praise and criticism week 2

Several of my critics claim I don't give credit to other football teams in which I do. I felt it was time for much deserved praises along with criticisms for certain players/teams. I welcome opinions of this post and on week 2. Who deserves praise and criticism after week 2?


*Bills:starting 0-8 last year.....now starting 2-0 heading into a game against the Pats. I'll be rooting for ya. I picked the Bills to win this week. They made a huge comeback after being down 21-3. Fitzpatrick deserves some credit. I heard before the draft that Bills needed a quarterback in which I thought Fitzpatrick was pretty good in comparison to some quarterbacks in the league. Despite it he proves the doubters wrong and proves why he is the most under-rated qb in the league. Helluva lot better than Orton.

*Cutler/Romo:I dislike both quarterbacks, but they deserve credit. Romo played injured and led his team to a comeback victory. Cutler? I know a lot of people have been attacking him calling him a bad qb, but look at his offensive line along with the receivers. I think the Bills, Skins, and Dolphins have better receiving cores.

*Lions:Winning 48-3 is very impressive. A lot felt Lions would win simply because Eric Berry was out. Obviously, Lions exposed the Chiefs for having more problems. I think they have been outscored 10-80 something. They deserve criticism. LOL! Lions.....get to the playoffs and win! Stafford prove the doubters wrong and stay healthy! Keep getting it done!

*Cam Newton:I give the kid a lot of credit and hope he continues to do well. I wish all players success when they enter the NFL. Hope he proves the critics wrong. So far he has passing for over 400 yards the last two games. Only Brady has done that. What better class to be in? We know we are gonna hear about the turnovers, but the Panthers were still in the game despite it. Credit is deserved!!

*Pats D:I know they have given up a ton of yardage in the air, but they are creating turnovers which impresses me. Pats D deserves credit!


*Chiefs:I know Haley said he deserves the blame for the Chiefs struggles to start the season, but it isn't all him. Players deserve criticism for being blownout the last 2 weeks by huge margins. 10-80 something.

*Vikings:17-0 lead and they lose the game? No disrespect intended to the Bucs, but no excuses here giving up that huge of a lead. Minnesota was one of the best rush defenses in the league not to long ago. The game ends with Blount going right up the middle for a TD. What is up with that?

*Colts:They arn't this bad without Peyton. No excuse can cover how they have played. 0-3 start the year? Come on man! (They play Pittsburgh next week which is why I went ahead and marked a loss on their schedule.)

*Rivers:Charger fans should have known it was coming. I couldn't believe what I heard from a Chargers fan today. Direct quote:  "I'm getting tired of seeing the Chargers blow these opportunities and continuously relying on Rivers to bail them out late every game." Are you kidding me? I'm gonna have to make a thread for this one. I can't believe this. They must really not watch the games.

*Ravens:Everyone was shining the Super Bowl championship for the Ravens after week 1. Week 2 they come out and lose? For folks not to believe they deserve criticism is idiotic.

I may continue this series week after week to show my critics that I not only critic teams, but also praise them as well. Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.....STAY JEALOUS!!Cool

Posted on: August 10, 2011 10:53 pm

Playoffs? Who's goin to the playoffs in 2011?

This is an update kind of due to recent moves lately.

AFC East:Patriots-Getting Chad and Ellis to me improves their football team. They are better than the Jets.
AFC North:Steelers-They keep proving the doubters wrong and they'll do it again in 2011.
AFC South:Colts-I know I stated on some occassions that they will miss the playoffs. The prediction was made simply because 5 new teams had to get in. At the time, I thought Jets were the better team. Now I feel they have the best chance to get in 2011.
AFC West:Chargers-Raiders got worse, Broncos still suck, and Chargers are gonna be one of them new 5 football teams to make the playoffs in 2011.
AFC Wildcard #5:Ravens-Got respect for the Ravens. No doubt they will be in the playoffs in 2011.
AFC Wildcard #6:Texans-everyones darkhorse, but I didn't pick them last year. I liked the moves they made this offseason and I believe they can finally get to the postseason. Possibly a division title.

NFC East:Eagles-I suspect slow start, but I feel they will finish strong and make the playoffs.
NFC North:Packers-1st division crown since Rodgers has taken over.
NFC South:Saints-I think I have over-rated this football team a bit after their draft. They may win the division. I like the Bucs too.
NFC West:Rams-Gotta love Bradford. Kinda shocked by the lack of moves in FA for weak wr position. I think they can still get the job done o. 49ers will surprise some folks. Watch out!!
NFC Wildcard #5:Cowboys-I say 10 or 11 wins with a playoff berth. Cowboys>Giants
NFC Wildcard #6:Bucs-I wouldn't be shocked if this team wins the division this year. They are under the radar. 10-13 wins possibly.
Posted on: August 9, 2011 9:49 pm
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Jets will be worse in 2011?

I thought personally that when Chad Ocho-Cinco was traded to the Pats that they would win the AFC East. Them(Pats) taking Ellis away from the Jets? That broke the camel's back!! Some people may argue it was when they lost out on Nnamdi Asomugha. Their front 7 doesn't look as good as it once did a year ago. Pats got better during the off-season with acquisitions of Chad and Ellis. Jets really only added talent offensively. That gives Sanchez better weapons. At least I think so, but Plax getting injured first week of practice? It isn't looking good. Jets defense is the reason they were successful especially against the Pats.

Will the Jets be worse in 2011? I agree that they won't be as good as they once were. Jets will not be back in the AFC Championship game!! Some may call that a bold prediction. I simply don't believe it is. I know Jet fans will take shots back at me, but it is fine. I'm here just to state my opinion about the Jets. I like the Pats to win the division this year. I think the Jets will be lucky to make the playoffs this year. That is my personal opinion anyway. Prove me wrong!!

What do you think about the Jets in 2011? AFC East division winner, Wildcard playoff team, ect? They finish 9-7.

Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.....STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
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