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Posted on: October 7, 2011 4:23 pm

Objectivity #1: Peyton Manning=Colts??

What a controversial way to start a weekly series, huh? It bugs the crap out of me to see all praise given to one guy and receive no criticism. Media has blinded people to believe what they want you to believe. Some people are brain washed into believing crazy things such as Rivers being an elite quarterback, Bill Belichick being a genius, and so on. It is time to look at both sides of the equation. Look at it objectively rather than be biased about it. I have my sources for the info I use in my posts.

All you hear is Peyton is the most valuable player in football today. Even calling the guy head coach/offensive coordinator in previous years. The media along with several fans believe Peyton is the Indianapolis Colts. They do and die by Peyton Manning. I still believe Peyton is a top 5 quarterback, but not top 3 even if he was playing. That is just my opinion anyways. Is Peyton Manning really the Colts football team?

I'm gonna ask you some various questions in which some of you biased fans may be able to answer. Over the years, Peyton's playoff success is criticized, but when it is....it is blamed on others rather than himself. Why is that? If he is the team and no one else contributes to the success of the team.....why are they blamed? You see fans post threads like "How many SBs would Peyton have if he had....." and "Peyton Manning is 2011 MVP". I have a problem with that. I think it is quite disrespectful to all the football players in the league who give it their all every Sunday. Yea, he is important to his football team, but same goes for other players around the league as well. What has he contributed to be called an MVP in 2011 anyways? What has he contributed to the Colts? I don't see him with a headset on, going through a playbook to help Painter or Collins, he definately isn't performing either. Why does he deserve the MVP award over guys who are much more deserving? Guys like Aaron Rodgers and Calvin Johnson are on the top of my list currently. We see him up their with the offensive coordinator on the final drive watching instead of going through plays.

Back to the subject of Peyton's playoff failures. He has no defense, running game, offensive line(his quick release is the reason the o-line looks good), and he makes receivers. I think we all remember the 3 game stretch where Peyton threw like 11 interceptions in a game last season. I stated he almost choked away the AFC South division crown. I received a response: You are an idiot to think Peyton almost choked away the division last year. Look at what he had to work with all those players on IR. If Peyton is the Colts, why does it matter who is injured? Offensive line is a good example. If his quick release blinds me thinking he has a good offensive line than injuries shouldn't effect that area. His release is quick enough to get the ball outta there. If he has no running game, why does injuries matter there? Same goes for defense. We talk about playoff failures with Colt fans and they blame it on the defense, running game, ect. Why is the blame not on the guy who receives the most praise? Can it not be Peyton's fault? I have sources(Colt fans) who tell me these ridiculous things. If Peyton is all the Colts have, why expect better performance elsewhere? If Peyton does it all when they win.....he must do the same when they lose. Am I wrong? Look at how that sounds so ridiculous. The amount of praise the guy receives in comparison to the criticism he receives.

Are you blind by the media, #s, or his past success? Do you refuse to be objective? I'm not here to talk about the best quarterbacks in the league, talk about the Steelers, and certainly not hear to talk about Ben. I want to stay on topic and talk about this particular subject.
Posted on: September 20, 2011 5:38 pm
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Pittsburgh @ Indianapolis week 3 2011 preview

I voiced during the time of the preseason before Peyton had his last neck surgery that the Steelers would win no matter the quarterback. No matter if it was a rusty Manning(at the time didn't play a preseason game), Painter(inexperience), or Collins(doesn't know the playbook). The Steelers without a doubt will beat the Indianapolis Colts. For all of you who has Mendenhall, I suggest starting him on your fantasy football team. One of the worst rush defenses in the league vs a top 10 rusher last season. Go ahead and mark a loss on your schedule Indy for week 3. The game will be on NBC. It will probably be the least watched/lopsided victory of the season on NBC.

A message for Colt fans who are whining about Peyton not being there:

I can understand that you are upset about Peyton getting injured. I personally don't like it when players get injured myself. All that Indy fans will be missing this season is a good regular season record with a stat sheet. Peyton wouldn't have led the team to the Super Bowl that will be played in Lucas Oil Stadium this year. Colts playoff record wi/Manning isn't jaw dropping by any means. The Colts arn't the same team that went to the Super Bowl to face Saints. I doubt they will ever get back to that stage either with Peyton under center.

I want you fans to look at the bright side of things. You will be seeing a real football team in week 3 because they will be back there winning Super Bowl 46..........The Pittsburgh Steelers!!! Surprised??SurprisedDon't be........STAY JEALOUS!!Cool

Posted on: July 30, 2011 10:42 pm

ATKOOL's 4 point play NFL predictions 2011

This is a start of my version of predictions. Give out 4 rather surprising predictions. Some may be shocked, others will critic, and the rest will be entertained. Here is 4 predictions that everyone are gonna be witnessing this coming year in football.

1.Colts missing the playoffs for the first time in 9 years-I said on various posts that I'm not betting against the Colts and Manning. The more I read Jags/Texans adding FA while Colts are doing nothing. The chances of Colts making it back to the postseason really doesn't look too good. They barely won the division last year. This year with the Texans D better than it was last year along with Jags taking away Colts linebacker and adding other pieces I feel Colts will struggle to win their division and make the playoffs.

2.Browns win 8 games or more-While looking at the Browns schedule, I figure the team will win at least 8 games this year. AFC North is facing the NFC West this year. To me, Browns are just as good as any of the teams in the NFC West. I think they can sweep the Bengals or win one of those and win a game vs the Ravens this year. In 2 or 3 years, the team will be battling for a division championship.

3.Giants will miss the playoffs 3 years in a row-Giants have way too many questions. Running game isn't what it once was. Eli is coming off probably the worst year of his career with league leading interception total. I think the offense will struggle with the Eagles getting all those great players in FA. Cowboys or Eagles offense>Giants offense. I think the offense will be the reason they fail to make the playoffs in 2011.

4.Cardinals will finish last in their division-Trading away a 2nd round pick along with a pro bowl cornerback? You ain't gonna win games this year. Cardinals defense last year was flat out terrible. They went out and signed a new defensive coordinator(ex-steeler) to try and turn the team around. Cardinals havn't got a running game(ranked last 2010), defense gave up 27 points a game(-Pro bowl corner=), who does Kolb have to throw to not named Fitz? Cardinals will not only be worse after that trade, but probably the worst team via record. It isn't really that bold I suppose since I believe they finished last last year, but I felt I needed to give my opinion on the terrible trade they made.

There you have it......ATKOOL's 4 point play NFL predictions 2011.

Surprised??SurprisedDon't be..........STAY JEALOUS!!Cool

Posted on: July 14, 2011 2:41 pm
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Do people watch the game of football?

The endless frustration continues even after posting stats for the geeks. It is unbelievable to me that even with stats they refuse to give Ben any credit. I posted stats to support my argument in my post called "Who had the better Super Bowl run?" The critics didn't show, but they did vote clearly. 40 something-60 something pct between Ben's first Super Bowl run and Peyton's. I can't believe the idiots despite the great stats Ben put up compared to Peyton's still voted for Peyton. Even Irregardless makes idiotic comments saying Dilfer didn't have a defense or running game. Are you kidding me? How far are you gonna go with this? I know your hatred for Ben blinds you, but come on now.

Ben has a great defense and a great running game which is what I hear. He is discredited time and time again which I can't understand. How the hell can you tell me Dilfer didn't have a great defense? How can you tell me Brady didn't? Brady threw 1 TD in his first Super Bowl run. Not once did his team win by 7 points!!! Peyton won 2 games on his first Super Bowl run with defense giving up less than 10 points. He finally led the Colts to beat the Pats, but had a touchdown in a 30 point plus game. Do you people watch the games? How does Rodgers not get discredited for having a great defense? During his Super Bowl run last season he only won one game by more than a TD.3 of those games came down to the final minutes where the defense bailed him out. Yes....I said bailed him out! Something you critics claim Steelers defense does with Ben apparently. He gets no credit for either Super Bowl wins he had. He played great in his first Super Bowl run except in the Super Bowl, but he did have a TD in the game. 43 he led the team to a game winning drive after the defense gave up 16 points in the 4th quarter? Before you come here and say James Harrison interception...I would like copy and paste some things: 

It was over when....

Saints CB Tracy Porter stepped in front of Reggie Wayne, intercepted Peyton Manning's pass and returned it 74 yards for a touchdown to give New Orleans a 31-17 lead with 3:12 remaining in the game. The Colts were unable to rally in the final minutes, giving the Saints their first Super Bowl championship.

B.J. Raji returned an interception for a score and Sam Shields picked off two passes to lead the Green Bay Packers to a 21-14 victory over the Chicago Bears in Sunday's NFC Championship Game.

Rodgers, who completed 18 of 27 passes for 180 yards, had to watch from the sideline as Vick nearly led the Eagles back. But Tramon Williams intercepted Vick's pass for Riley Cooper in the end zone with 33 seconds left to seal the win.

Key Stat

The Vikings dominated in every major statistical category, but the Saints kept the game close by forcing six fumbles and two interceptions.
Is that enough evidence for you to discredit both Rodgers and Brees? I mean Ben gets discredited for having a great defense. If he deserves no credit for either Super Bowl why should they? I mean the defense bailed them out in both games right? Defense had to stop the opposing offense late to get the victory. You can throw all the stats you want in my face all day long. I mean you are a blind homer/hater/critic/or just a flat out idiot not to discredit them for it. You discredit Ben because the great play of his defense that apparently led him to them Super Bowl wins. If that is the case you got to do the same with these two quarterbacks. It is either blind hatred for the man or you are all idiots who say otherwise.

Posted on: July 11, 2011 10:45 pm
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Who had the better Super Bowl run?

All we hear is how great this or that quarterback is. Every time Ben gets in the conversation it always ends up the same. He is credited for having Steelers defense. They always bring up Super Bowl XL game as well which is fine. He didn't play great of course I can admit, but to say he deserves no credit at all for that Super Bowl run is idiotic in my opinion. That Super Bowl game overshadows how great the guy played in 3 of the games on the road to get to that Super Bowl.

I got the idea about the topic from all the haters keep bringing the Super Bowl up along with some Manning thread about how many rings he should have if he had this or that. I showed my respect to Peyton in my reply. I saw others reply talking about interceptions in big games. I looked at his playoff stats the year the Colts won the Super Bowl. I wasn't that impressed. Which is why I ask the question: Who had the better Super Bowl run? I will post the stats for you. I used pro football reference site by the way. Here you go...

Peyton Manning's Super Bowl run:
78.9 comp%/1 TD/3 int/pass per attempt 7.05/passer rating 71.9/Colts win vs KC 23-8
50.0 comp%/0 TD/2 int/pass per attempt 5.67/passer rating 39.6/Colts win @ Bal 15-6
57.4 comp%/1 TD/1 int/pass per attempt 7.43/passer rating 79.1/1 rush TD/Colts win vs NE 38-34
65.8 comp%/1 TD/1 int/pass per attempt 6.50/passer rating 81.8/Colts win vs Chi 29-17

Ben Roethlisberger's Super Bowl run:
73.7 comp%/3 TD/0 int/pass per attempt 10.9/passer rating 148.7/Steelers win @ Cincy 31-17
58.3 comp%/2 TD/1 int/pass per attempt 8.2/passer rating 95.3/Steelers win @ Indy 21-18
72.4 comp%/2 TD/0 int/pass per attempt 9.5/passer rating 124.9/Steelers win @ Den 34-17
42.9 comp%/0 TD/2 int/pass per attempt 5.9/passer rating 22.6/1 rush TD/Steelers win vs Sea 21-10

Tom Brady's Super Bowl run
61.5 comp%/0 TD/1 int/pass per attempt 6.0/passer rating 70.4/1 rush TD/Patriots win vs Oak 16-13
66.7 comp%/0 TD/0 int/pass per attempt 6.4/passer rating 84.3/Patriots win @ Pit 18-12
59.3 comp%/1 TD/0 int/pass per attempt 5.4/passer rating 86.2/Patriots win vs STL 20-17

I think it is without question....Ben Roethlisberger had the better numbers. I suppose I can let the rest of you to decide especially you critics who will find some how to make Peyton's better, but you can't. Ben Roethlisberger's Super Bowl run was far superior than Peyton's and Tom's. You can go by stats, the fact he was on the road, ect. Enjoy....

Posted on: January 11, 2011 12:36 am

Playoff win for GB made Rodgers over-rated!!!

In my personal opinion to me Rodgers was over-rated for a long time, but the playoff win sealed it. I love watching football games and watching videos to hype up the game. See the guys picks and so on and so forth. Listening all this week how Aaron Rodgers is the reason Packers win football games. He has no help yada yada yada. Personally I don't believe that. Last year I can make an argument it was just as much Rodgers fault for them losing as the defense. The playoff game last year went to OT. A shootout between both Warner and Rodgers. Which is fine some folks love football games like that. Neither defense was that great last season. Anyways point is Rodgers had a chance to win the football game in overtime. Yea defense shouldn't have gave up so so points, but Cardinals defense did the same. I mean if Warner and Rodgers didn't score so frequently quick they wouldn't have had that many possessions. Green Bay got the ball in OT. Rodgers lost the fumble that was recovered and went for a TD by the cardinals defense. To say it wasn't Rodgers fault is really an understatement. That's like saying Mannings INTs vs the Pats didn't cost them the game. Or Vick's INT on the final drive didn't cost the Eagles the football game. It was Rodgers fault they lost the football game. If you don't agree to that logic you are a mark for Rodgers.

As for this weekends football game where Rodgers has no help yada yada yada. He is an the elite category cuz of his stats like Rivers. Not because winning football games. The guy was suppose to be the MVP cuz his preseason stats. That didn't happen.....LOL! Anyways Rodgers has no help, but his defense finished ranked up there with the Steelers in the defensive category. In yet Roethlisberger is a product of the Steelers cuz of the defense. If it wasn't for defense he would be nothing according to critics. Thats fine I guess everyone has a right to their opinion. To me the same could or should be said about Rivers and Rodgers. They both had top defenses this season. One didn't make the playoffs. One got a playoff win for the first time of his career. All of a sudden we get posts to give the guy credit. Credit for what? Throwing 180 yards or having a running game that rushed for 120+ yards or leading a high powered offense led by Rodgers to 21 points. I mean seriously those stats don't impress anybody. 180 yards in his first playoff win in yet he deserves credit? Eagles offense had the ball in the final minute. Vick and the Eagles could have won the game. In yet the defense got the INT to clinch the victory. Rodgers did it all didn't he? He had no help at all on the ground or on defense, but the defense held Vick led Eagles offense to 16 points. Stopping them in the final minutes to win the football game. It just shows how over-rated the guy really is.

Again another point is Rodgers is the reason they are where they are. He missed Pats game due to concussion. Backup steps in and Pats are supposed to destroy them. Packers have no chance without Rodgers. The backup led the team to 27 points and the Pats wouldn't have won if it weren't for a key play by an offensive lineman. The offensive lineman returned a punt almost for a TD. It shows Rodgers isn't the reason they are in the position they are. To me it was all about the defense this year. You can't really argue with that. Rodgers has one of the best wideout tandems in the league. Finally I'm not gonna give Rodgers more credit than the defense for the Packers victory over wildcard weekend. He doesn't deserve all the praise he is receiving. He is one of the most over-rated quarterbacks in the league no doubt about it.

By the way, Packers got their first playoff win since 1997. That's saying something isn't it? 13 years without a playoff win. Congrats on the win. Again I stated in my "playoff predictions" that Green Bay will be heading to Dallas. Doesn't mean much other than I think they are a good football team.

Posted on: January 7, 2011 11:15 pm

Jets vs Colts wildcard playoff preview

Last season the Colts met the New York Jets and they defeated them. Since than they are far different football teams. A lot has changed in the last year. Colts are sitting their players not going for the undefeated streak. Now they are battling in the final week to win their division. Most of it is due to injuries. Jets are a different team as well. No Thomas Jones and their running game isn't looking to good. LT started out well, but he isn't the same. Been well documented that the Colts defense isn't exactly great vs the run. Showed vs Arian Foster. LOL! Jets passing game in my opinion isn't that much improved they still struggle. Win close games o which is a plus I suppose.

I give Colts the edge because of the playoff experience. Garcon will be a factor in this football game. He will have to step up like he did last season when Reggie Wayne was contained by Revis. Colts actually have a running game. At least in the last 3 games. They struggled to defeat the Titans which is a negative way to end their season. Still in the playoffs which is a plus. The Colts are at Indy which is a huge plus. Home field will really be an advantage in this football game.

The Jets coming into the season with all the talk. Media favorites in the preseason. Not exactly now. I wouldn't even say the Jets are better than they were last season by much cuz of the running game struggles. Not much improved in the passing game. Sanchez still struggles and defense just saves the day which is what some folks are expecting. The matchup will indeed be between the pass defense of the Jets and the Colts passing offense led by Peyton Manning. He isn't one of the best of the games for nothing. It is time to put or shut up for the Jets. If they win this football game I will be surprised somewhat. This will be a statement game for them.

Colts are the favorites going in obviously. They are my pick as well. If Jets wanna win this football game they have got to run the football effectively on the ground. You don't want to rely on Sanchez to save the day. Defensive side is obvious stop Peyton Manning. If they run the ball effectively they will control the clock which is one of the ways the Jags won their football game earlier this season. If colts could get the run going on offense that would be great for Manning, but if they don't Garcon will have to step up which will be one of the key players in this football game. Colts defense will have to control the run and force Sanchez to throw the football. I'm certain that both teams quarterbacks will throw at least one INT. This will be closer than one would think, but I'm giving the nod to the Colts. Prove me wrong Jets. Put up or shut up time. Surprised??SurprisedDon’t be...........STAY JEALOUS!!Cool

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AFC playoff predictions 2010

I was thinking about not doing this cuz of course the critics. Decided to do it anyways. Here is my AFC playoff predictions in which I will give a breakdown of each game in which why or why not they will win or lose that ball game.

AFC wildcard:
#5 Ravens vs #4 Chiefs-Chiefs ended their season with a loss to the Raiders. Their offense seemed like it couldn't get going vs the Ravens. Of course it can change on any given day. Not the momentum you want coming in vs the Ravens. I think Chiefs got a much tougher matchup than they wanted. Could have faced the New York Jets. Anyways I figure the Chiefs will be able to get the running game going, but mistakes by Matt Cassel will cost them in the end. Ed Reed will snag an INT in this ball game for sure. It will come down to their passing game in the end which again I don't think will win them the game. Figure the experience in the playoffs will be a factor in this ball game. Ravens are the favorite, but anything could happen. They will establish a running game and will make this a ball game. It will be closer than one would think. I say Ravens win 7-10 points.

#6 Jets vs #3 Colts-A team the Jets didn't want to see. Last year we all know what happened. I'm not gonna base my prediction on last year o. Jets have struggled thru their last half of the season. Going 9-2 and losing some games along the way to finally make the playoffs. I don't know if I would say the Jets are far more improved than they were last year. Record wise it shows, but their passing game still stinks, rushing game wasn't what it once was, yada yada yada. I don't think the Jets will rush that well vs the Colts even though they have a history of giving up huge yardage on the ground. Their rush defense has improved not giving up huge numbers to the Titans which is impressive. I think Manning will have a great day and have more than 3 passing TDs. Garcon will have an outstanding performance. Colts will win this ball game. Not big, but they will win by more than 10 points. Ends will be in Sanchez face all day, but I figure that their passing game will be the reason they stay competitive in the game.

AFC Divisional round:
#5 Ravens vs #1 Pats-Figure this will be a good game. It will go down to the very second. Unfortunately I figure the Pats will pull it out to go on to the AFC championship. Thanks to Joe Flacco passing game inconsistant. He will cost the team the game. Not really a lot of breakdown. Everyone knows what to expect. Ravens defense will keep it close. Rice will rush for over 100 yards. Flacco will have a chance to lead his team to victory, but loses in the end thanks to inconsistant play.

#3 Colts vs #2 Steelers-Figure Mendenhall will have a great day on the ground. Home field is always good to have. Figure Pittsburgh passing game won't be much of a factor cuz I figure Colts ends will be in Ben's face all day. It will be important for the offensive line to protect Ben, but I doubt they will which will lead to some short routes to convert on 3rd down.  Mendenhall and "RedZone will have a big day. That will be the focus for the Steelers offense. Peyton will throw some INTs in this game and their running game won't be there. Figure it will happen. Big win for Pittsburgh!

AFC Championship:

#2 Steelers vs #1 Patriots-Patriots will be at home and have everyone picking them. Last time around it was a lot different than it will be this time around. Steelers have a new kicker, they may have Aaron Smith, have more than 5 healthy offensive lineman to play the game, Steelers will have far more determination, Steelers are under the radar this time around, no one is picking them which is an advantage for the steelers as well. The list goes on! Fact is this will be a helluva game. Last time Patriots came in with a huge loss to the Ravens which brought out more determination and more of a reason to want to win the ball game. Figure the Steelers didn't take the game seriously enough. Which it is a regular season game of course. Playoffs is where the Steelers play the best. Number 1 defense in the league along with the kicker only missing one field goal since being signed after the Pats game. Impressive if you ask me. Steelers offense looks great. The factor in this game will be to put pressure on Tom Brady. That offensive line holds just as much as Rex Ryan holds his wife's feet. LOL! Maybe this time around the refs will be looking somewhere other than Brady's backside. The way the refs have been calling against the Steelers it finds it more realistic to believe this will be the game that will cost them cuz of the refs. It will happen. I hope Harrison is in Brady's face all game. Can't if a guys yanking on his jersey. If Steelers have Aaron Smith back they may be able to get that pressure on Brady. In any case I believe the Steelers offense will be fine vs the Pats defense. Pittsburgh wins if Brady is pressured which I have confidence that Steelers can get it done this time around. Steelers will go on to the Super Bowl to represent the AFC. 1st to 6.......on a stairway to 7. Surprised??SurprisedDon't be......STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
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