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Posted on: January 7, 2012 10:28 am
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Steelers @ Broncos wildcard playoff preview

I voiced that I was rooting for Tebow to prove all the doubters wrong all season as I do with most rookies who come in to the league with questions about them being able to play in the NFL. When guys like Luck come in with all these high expectations....I don't really root for. I laughed and called both botch kicks. I wouldn't have mentioned this of course if either would have been in. In either case, all great things must come to an end.
It has come down to this....the AFC West champion in the San Diego Chargers led by their elite qb Philip Rivers. EmbarassedCry

^I hate typos....let me try again. It has come down to this........the AFC West champion in the Denver Broncos led by Tim Tebow will matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers led by their elite qb Ben Roethlisberger.

I've heard several statements about Mendenhall's injury and how the Steelers won't be able to play well without him. For the idiots believing that garbage who watch TV to figure out who to pick for the pro bowl, who is the elite qbs, who is the best teams, and so on. Thank goodness, I'm here to share my wisdom with all of you because most of you would be brainwashed into believing nonsense. Nonsense like Haynesworth/Ocho Cinco were great acquistions for the Pats during the offseason, believing that the Steelers would not make the playoffs after a quarter of the season has been played, and I could go on. He isn't top 20 in any category and somehow he is the reason Steelers can't make a playoff run in the playoffs? Really? I'm sure those 60 yards per game will be missed....not!! Redman rushed for like 97 yards vs the Browns after he went down. 2 count'em 2 100 yard rushing games for Mendenhall this year. Jonathon Dwyer who has had like 20-30 rush attempts this year has 1 and he is on the Steelers as well. For anyone to believe Mendenhall's performance have played a huge factor in Steelers offense this year hasn't watched many games at all. Ben and the passing game has carried the offense all year long. Mendenhall has done jack besides run TDs in after the passing game takes them down in the redzone. At times, ground game couldn't even get it in vs the Browns defensive line. By the way, Browns are one of the worst at stopping the run. Here are some stats for you:

The Steelers placed starting running back Rashard Mendenhall on injured reserve this week after he tore his ACL. Statistics say Pittsburgh's running game will be more explosive without him. Since the start of 2010, Mendenhall averaged 3.9 yards per carry, the fifth worst among the 28 players with at least 300 rushes in the past two seasons (according to ESPN S&I). Isaac Redman, who is expected to replace Mendenhall, is averaging 4.5 yards per carry over that span. Mendenhall also had the second fewest yards after contact (1.6 per carry) among running backs with at least 200 carries. The rest of the Steelers averaged 2.6 yards after contact.

I have no doubt in the Steelers defense vs the Broncos this week. My one concern if I had one would be Tebow can run the football. Seneca Wallace did good when his receivers weren't open and was able to create big yardage on the ground because of it. That is virtually the only concern is that Tebow can make plays with his feet. Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.......STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
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Posted on: November 3, 2011 4:32 pm

Ravens @ Pittsburgh 2011 preview!!

Summary of the season thus far:If someone asked me after the Steelers lost to the Ravens...what game would be the most important to win? I think the obvious answer is simple.....week 9 game when Ravens visit Pittsburgh. Both teams are coming off victories, but the Steelers are currently on a 4 game winning streak. They played one helluva game Sunday and Ben is playing like an MVP right now. I heard analysts say this as well before you start calling me a homer. No player/team has played better in the month of October than Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers. I'd like to call this a redemption game for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Tomlin has voiced he hasn't forgotten the game nor has us Steeler fans. This go round, Suggs is talking that he owns Ben Roethlisberger. Now, we all know Pittsburgh's line is terrible and they have to double cover Ngata. Which is really why I don't respect his #s, but I would give Suggs the Defensive MVP thus far. His performance vs the Cardinals last week really led to a comeback by the Ravens. I couldn't believe he wasn't a candidate for it on NFL Live last night when they were giving the awards out. In any case, I believe Steelers will win this football game vs the Ravens.

Noteworthy: Raven fans laughed at me when I suggested it was a terrible time for Ravens to have a bye week @ w/e week they had theirs because I knew they were playing their best football at the time. I figured they would cool off. I would suggest they have after struggling vs the Cardinals and losing to the Jags.

Will Ravens/Steelers meet again in the playoffs?: I doubt these teams will face again in the playoffs. I find it highly unlikely that were to happen 3x out of the last 4 years. Would be cool though, but I find it doubtful.

Keys for a Steelers victory: Last go round, Steelers came out running the football and didn't have any success. Started passing when they knew Steelers had to. I suggest the Steelers mix it up to start the game. Don't run on 1st and 2nd down than pass on 3rd down. Mix it up a bit to confuse in my opinion, the best defense the first half of the season. Defensively: I suggest do what made the Steelers D successful last week. I heard on the AFC North blog that since 3 of the Steelers starting linebackers are likely out this week they may change to a 4-3 defense. Flacco doesn't scare me. Ray Rice is the man that led the team offensively week 1. He broke tackles and ran all over Pittsburgh's defense. He was also making catches through the air so, Rice has got to be stopped. Hopefully, Steelers can take a look at what Jags did to get him to fumble. Flacco just hasn't played well and I don't give a good crap what Suggs says. He isn't an elite qb. LOL!He is in the bottom 5 in comp%. Steelers will be bringing their A-game this go round. Better be ready cuz the Steelers are gonna punch you in the mouth.

Raven/Steeler rivlary over?: Everybody is asking why are the Steelers/Ravens rivalry ending so soon. Well, after thinking about it this past week, I think I can figure this out. Ok, we all know how big these games are between the Ravens vs Steelers. Having it earlier makes games vs the Brown and the Bengal  games more meaningful.

Final word: In my opinion, whoever wins this football game is without question....the best team in the AFC. I think both fan bases can agree on that.
Posted on: October 30, 2011 11:14 pm

Postgame 2011: Pats vs Steelers

Steelers beat the Patriots!! No one knows how much that means to me to be able to type that. Through the week leading up to the game, I saw Steeler posters not being confident. Some stating we should prepare for the worst. That isn't the kind of attitude I like to see which is why I decided to post "Countdown to Pats loss @Heinz Field is upon us!" No one really posting about the game really which is why I felt the need to post something about it. I always post a preview for a Steelers game weekly. "Brady owns the Steelers" was the theme this week for the media hyping the game. Some stating Steelers didn't have a chance. Steelers proved them critics wrong once again. I'm very proud to be able to say that. "Bad matchup for Pittsburgh" is the kind of thing I heard. Steelers kept Brady on the bench. 3 and outs defense got vs the Pats offense was great. It was thrilling and exciting throughout. The game I most looked forward to this season. The team I wanted the Steelers most to beat and they got the job done!! A W I've been wanting for a very long time. The win means a lot to me. One of the most meaningful wins happened today for Pittsburgh. Doubters, proving you wrong week, after week, after week. Don't write Pittsburgh off......you make yourself look foolish!!

I know I'm not well liked around the boards, but it doesn't bother me. I care way more about the Steelers winning football games and week in, week out, they prove they are the best team in the league. Not everyone agrees with that, but I believe in the Pittsburgh Steelers. Win or lose, I'm behind them. I'm not gonna post that "I expect a loss to the Pats this week." I have too much Steelers pride to do that. To sit here and claim that would be a slap in the face to that football team that I have rooted for all my life. That is something I'm very proud to say. I'd much rather trash talk week after week and look like a homer rather than ever say "I have doubts Pittsburgh will win a football game." I have faith in the Pittsburgh Steelers. I believe they can beat any team on any given day.  The win today really meant a lot. Praise is deserved on both sides of the football. Sacking Brady was probably the highlight of the game for me simply because last year, it felt like Steelers couldn't get him. I have passion for Steelers football. I care if they leave with a win or loss. At the end of the day, I don't want anyone to doubt the passion, love, respect, and the heart I have for Pittsburgh Steelers football.

Steelers are now on a 4 game win streak heading into a big game vs Baltimore. This win is by far the most important victory Steelers need throughout their schedule. I hope the Steelers go into the bye with the win streak intact. Pats, hope Steelers meet ya in the playoffs. Until then, good luck the rest of the way. Baltimore, it is redemption time!! Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.......STAY JEALOUS!!Cool

Posted on: October 26, 2011 12:25 am
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Countdown to Pats loss @Heinz Field is upon us...

Trash talk: I would normally type in the title "Patriots @ Steelers 2011 preview" like I do every week with Steelers opponents, but I'm not going to this week. I've placed bets on the Steelers this Sunday. I made a bet that if Steelers win, Pat fans would have to say Ben Roethlisberger is better than Tom Brady. If the Steelers would lose, I'd admit Belichick is a genius. Obvious win/lose situation for both parties. Willing to do the same here for any Pat fan is willing to accept. Several Pat fans who I'd like to accept include ZigZag, Sonny, dbldwn711, and whoever else is willing to accept it. I will make a thread after the Steelers/Patriots game if the Pats lose stating Bill Belichick is a genius. If the Steelers win, I make the thread and you'll just have to reply Big Ben Roethlisberger is better than Tom Brady. I think that is fair bet/deal don't ya think? Call me a homer all you want, but I want to show my Steelers pride. I believe in the Pittsburgh Steelers and I believe they can beat any team on any given day. I'll never bet or pick against the Pittsburgh Steelers. I'm not a fan who lacks confidence in this football team. Willingness to hear the critics post game is worth it. I'd much rather be called an idiot any day of the week than have someone tell me I have no heart or passion for the team I believe is the best football team in the NFL! I welcome all criticism towards me. I'm ready for the Steelers/Pats war this Sunday @ Heinz Field. BRING IT ON!!


I'll let Pat fans fill you in on the injury update, but I think it is doubtful for James Harrison to compete in the game Sunday. Ward, Hampton, Hoke, among others are probably/questionable. The spread has Pats as 3.5 favs as I saw on First Take today.

Everyone laughed when I stated the Steelers were gonna be on a winning streak after the Texans game. Do you critics bother to look at the schedule they have? In any case, I'm very happy Jags beat the Ravens Monday Night.  2 very important games ahead for Pittsburgh matchups include Baltimore and Cincy before the bye week. Hope the Steelers end this 3 game stretch with Ws. Love how the critics are silent with praise for Pittsburgh lately after bashing them earlier in the season claiming they are done. Including some Steeler fans in which I was very upset over. In any case, the defense has been playing a lot better with more motivation after that frustrating start. Woodly has had a lot of sacks to his resume this year in the previous 3 game stretch. Hope he brings the same this Sunday vs the Pats. Pass defense has been surprisingly been very good despite injury to Bryant McFadden. Rush defense has done a lot better as well despite injury to James Harrison. Hope the stretch continues of course. Running game this year has been disappointing for the most part. Keys to win the football is very simple: 1.Don't turnover the football, 2.put pressure on Brady, 3. time of possession, and 4.Ben and the passing offense have field day vs Pats pass defense. I'm sure Mike Wallace will have another 40+ reception this week as he has in the past 6 weeks.

Should be a great game! Surprised??SurprisedDon't be....STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
Posted on: October 20, 2011 10:39 pm

Pittsburgh @ Cardinals week 7 2011 preview

I don't really think we should call this matchup a rematch of Super Bowl 43. Holmes, Warner, Boldin, and so on are no longer aboard.

I personally am confident that the Steelers will win this matchup by a huge margin. Kolb has shown how over-rated he truly is. Fitzgerald only has 2 TDs thus far. Kolb is an upgrade over Anderson, but he isn't that much better at all. His decision making is all the Steelers need. It is gonna be turnover city this week. Cardinals run game is probably the only concern. I believe Wells is one of the best in rushing TDs thus far. I hear on the injury report that Wallace and Polamalu will likely play. Aaron Smith and James Harrison is out. Hoke and Hampton are both on the injury report which isn't good. Stevie may get his first start this week. Woodley has been playing great which I don't think will change.

My concern isn't on the offensive side either. They have one of the worst defenses in the league, but it is noteworthy that Steelers former cornerback coach is their new defensive coordinator. I believe Steelers offense will be able to pull off the W. A lot of Steeler players are on the Cardinals which everyone jokes about. Consistancy is key and Fitzgerald may be a guy to control defensively, but the way his qb throws....no real concern. Should be an interesting ball game because Steelers arn't that solid on the West Coast. All I can say is, Cardinal fans will get a preview of a team that will be in Arizona in 2015! Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.....STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
Posted on: October 13, 2011 10:49 pm

Jaguars @ Pittsburgh week 6 2011 preview

I had no idea about the Jags defense, so I looked up rankings. 8 in total yards and 11 in ppg. I think these rankings this early shouldn't be judged like....wow! The rankings are certainly based on the type of offenses they have faced such as teams like Titans and whoever else. LOL!Titans had one of the best defenses in the league, but Steelers still were solid both in the air and on the ground.

I am confident Steelers will pick up a win this week being at home again. Great fans getting behind them certainly energizes them to play better. The road is a different story of course. Certainly hope that changes later in the season. I think the Steelers will win by more than one TD to be honest. Wouldn't doubt if it is more than that. I feel the Jags offense stinks other than MJD. I'm sure the D will do a solid job against him like they did vs CJ2k. Gabbert isn't an accurate qb and I feel Steelers will come out of this with more than one turnover. That is one of the reasons I feel Pittsburgh will win this football game.

I'm wondering about how the running game will do this week. Not because the defense, but because Mendenhall situation where backups played very well. I didn't expect that performance out of the offensive line last week, but loved it. Hope the performance continues especially against Baltimore. I think Mendenhall's performance needs to be good if he starts. If not, certainly could see him benched sooner than later.

Hampton is out this week I believe with another player. Forget who it was, but Hoke did play well. Very impressed by him, Heyward, and so on. Woodley made the big plays after getting the big change. Hope it continues!! Expectation: Steelers 20 something Jags 10.
Posted on: October 7, 2011 4:46 pm

Titans @ Pittsburgh week 5 2011

Not really a lot of hype going into this game. No clear cut favorite which is good. I think it will be a close game. Steelers are favored 3.5 I believe to win this particular matchup.

Titans are 3-1 and they have a new quarterback in Matt Hasselback who has played particularly well in my opinion. Titans do have a history with the Steelers. As I recall stomping on the terrible towel in 2008. Yet, I'm never probably gonna forgive them for. CJ2k isn't back yet, but it could be due to lack of playing time because of contract negotiations. No deep threat named Kenny Britt to worry about which is a plus. Titans are surprisingly 3-1. The loss being to the Jags of all teams. I'm very impressed by the team and it wouldn't surprise me if they win the AFC South this year. Not picking them though....keep that in my mind.

Steelers coming off a tough loss to the Texans last week. Every Steeler fan and player is frustrated right now. I heard a reporter state 8 starters are on the injury report for the Pittsburgh Steelers this week names include: Ben Roethlisberger, James Harrison, Rashard Mendenhall, and others. I'm hoping a running game gets going early so the offense won't have to depend on Ben with him being hurt. Defense hasn't lived up to the hype, but I think this month will spark the Steelers. A lot lighter of a schedule for Pittsburgh with 3 home games this month. 1 game Pittsburgh played at home this season and it was a shutout. Hopefully, they can do the same this week vs the Titans, but I'm not expecting it. Max Starks being back should help the offensive line out. Critical thing for Steelers defense to do is stop allowing those long drives. Long drives were caused by broken tackles....something you don't see from them. I hope someone steps up defensively. It felt like last week, Polamalu was doing it all. Hopefully the defense can bounce back this week.

Don't know much about Titans defense, but history tells me they are good at stopping the run. That side of the ball Steelers offense vs Titans defense doesn't concern me. The matchup I'm worried about this week is Steelers defense vs Titans offense. They got some speedy guys out there that should be able to beat Steelers linebackers. Hopefully play calling will be much better this week. Don't mean to take a shot there, but having them blitz one side which caused huge runs stunk last week. Hopefully a home atmosphere will comfort Steeler players so they can lick their wounds. Timmons and Foote will be starting this week. I feel each will be able to get the job done here. I personally am expecting no less than 3 wins this month. Steelers need this football game a lot more than the Titans. Hopefully they will get the job done. Do what they have been known to do......stop the run!

I expect a Steelers win in a close game. I expect no more than 24 points by either team. Wouldn't be surprised if the game ended 10-13. As long as Steelers get the W, I don't care. I'll take it!! Hopefully the crowd will rally around them and drive some motivation into this core of guys to play better. Especially on the defensive side of the football!!
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