Posted on: January 17, 2011 11:51 pm

Jets vs Steelers AFC championship preview

Both teams have faced before in a December meeting. It came down to the final seconds. Jets won the football game. To me that doesn't matter nor it will factor in this football game. Just because they won last time doesn't mean that they will win again nor does it mean that they can't beat the Steelers twice. As a Steelers fan I believe the Steelers will win reguardless because in my opinion they are the better football team. I'm sure many others will agree which it doesn't matter what their opinion in. Of course it doesn't matter it won't factor in the football game. If it did Jets wouldn't have won last week nor would the Saints have lost to the Seahawks. Anyways here are the keys for both football teams to win the football game:

Jets: If Cromartie can guard(hold Wallace's jersey and get away with it like last time)Mike Wallace and keep him from making big plays along with defense putting pressure on Ben than they have a good chance of winning the football game. One decisive advantage the Jets have that the Steelers don't is a great special teams. It will play a factor as it did in the last game. Jets scored a TD on special teams last time they played Pittsburgh. Led to a victory despite their offense only scoring one TD!! On offense of course run the football as always. Control the tempo and protect Sanchez. They do all that than they leave with a victory.

Steelers: Stop the run on defense which they are capable of doing. They have stopped the best of the best in the game this year(Hillis, Turner, and the list goes on). Force Sanchez to throw the football. Create turnovers and I figure they will get an INT in this football game. Defense should be alright....if not for McFadden giving up big plays to Edwards Steelers would have won that football game. Of course they can't let them get good field position or let them score on special teams. Wish Steelers would get a touchback on kickoffs more than 5 times a year. LOL! On offense try to get a running game going, protect Ben, and of course don't get penalized. I think the Steelers get penalized for holding 2-5 times every game. Go deep with Wallace cuz the refs may see the pass interference this time. Get Miller involved in the passing game as well. If they do all that they will win the football game.

I do believe it will be a close game. Again picking the Steelers to win which is obvious. Winner goes to Dallas to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. To me the winner of this football game will be crowned the Super Bowl champions of 2010.
Posted on: January 11, 2011 12:36 am

Playoff win for GB made Rodgers over-rated!!!

In my personal opinion to me Rodgers was over-rated for a long time, but the playoff win sealed it. I love watching football games and watching videos to hype up the game. See the guys picks and so on and so forth. Listening all this week how Aaron Rodgers is the reason Packers win football games. He has no help yada yada yada. Personally I don't believe that. Last year I can make an argument it was just as much Rodgers fault for them losing as the defense. The playoff game last year went to OT. A shootout between both Warner and Rodgers. Which is fine some folks love football games like that. Neither defense was that great last season. Anyways point is Rodgers had a chance to win the football game in overtime. Yea defense shouldn't have gave up so so points, but Cardinals defense did the same. I mean if Warner and Rodgers didn't score so frequently quick they wouldn't have had that many possessions. Green Bay got the ball in OT. Rodgers lost the fumble that was recovered and went for a TD by the cardinals defense. To say it wasn't Rodgers fault is really an understatement. That's like saying Mannings INTs vs the Pats didn't cost them the game. Or Vick's INT on the final drive didn't cost the Eagles the football game. It was Rodgers fault they lost the football game. If you don't agree to that logic you are a mark for Rodgers.

As for this weekends football game where Rodgers has no help yada yada yada. He is an the elite category cuz of his stats like Rivers. Not because winning football games. The guy was suppose to be the MVP cuz his preseason stats. That didn't happen.....LOL! Anyways Rodgers has no help, but his defense finished ranked up there with the Steelers in the defensive category. In yet Roethlisberger is a product of the Steelers cuz of the defense. If it wasn't for defense he would be nothing according to critics. Thats fine I guess everyone has a right to their opinion. To me the same could or should be said about Rivers and Rodgers. They both had top defenses this season. One didn't make the playoffs. One got a playoff win for the first time of his career. All of a sudden we get posts to give the guy credit. Credit for what? Throwing 180 yards or having a running game that rushed for 120+ yards or leading a high powered offense led by Rodgers to 21 points. I mean seriously those stats don't impress anybody. 180 yards in his first playoff win in yet he deserves credit? Eagles offense had the ball in the final minute. Vick and the Eagles could have won the game. In yet the defense got the INT to clinch the victory. Rodgers did it all didn't he? He had no help at all on the ground or on defense, but the defense held Vick led Eagles offense to 16 points. Stopping them in the final minutes to win the football game. It just shows how over-rated the guy really is.

Again another point is Rodgers is the reason they are where they are. He missed Pats game due to concussion. Backup steps in and Pats are supposed to destroy them. Packers have no chance without Rodgers. The backup led the team to 27 points and the Pats wouldn't have won if it weren't for a key play by an offensive lineman. The offensive lineman returned a punt almost for a TD. It shows Rodgers isn't the reason they are in the position they are. To me it was all about the defense this year. You can't really argue with that. Rodgers has one of the best wideout tandems in the league. Finally I'm not gonna give Rodgers more credit than the defense for the Packers victory over wildcard weekend. He doesn't deserve all the praise he is receiving. He is one of the most over-rated quarterbacks in the league no doubt about it.

By the way, Packers got their first playoff win since 1997. That's saying something isn't it? 13 years without a playoff win. Congrats on the win. Again I stated in my "playoff predictions" that Green Bay will be heading to Dallas. Doesn't mean much other than I think they are a good football team.

Posted on: December 19, 2010 11:24 am
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Jets vs Steelers preview

Certainly a big game for both teams. Some can say this is a playoff matchup preview. New York is not doing all that well heading into this game. Sanchez is on the hot seat right now. As we all know he hasn't been playing all that well. The Pittsburgh Steelers are known for their great defense. Last game Steelers defense led the team to victory. No question about it vs the Bengals. 2 TDs for the defense. It might be a different story in this game cuz it looks as if Polamalu will not be playing in this ball game. Which is a positive for the Jets of course.

Anyways to me the real difference is gonna be the offense not the defense. Everyone is talking about both teams defenses heading into this game. The offense will be the biggest difference. Both teams have been struggling offensively. Which teams offense can lead their team to victory? Of course the defensive play will play a factor in this game. Ben Roethlisberger is banged up as we all know. Nose/foot along with terrible pass blocking. Both teams offensive lines will have their hands full vs these top defenses. Can either team get the running game going? Mendenhall has only had 2 100 yard rushing games since Ben's return. Steelers defense avgs 60 yards rushing per game. Could lead to a regular season record. It won't be easy for either team. It just leads us to believe it will come down to the quarterbacks play. I figure most of you know what result I want at the end of this game. Heath Miller could play today. It is 50/50 at this point heading to a game time decision. This will be a great game. Both teams want to make a statement in this game heading closer to the playoffs. Let's see who gets it done. Who wins? Jets or Steelers?
Posted on: December 2, 2010 5:37 pm

Time to even up the series.....Pit vs Bal preview

This Sunday we will be witnessing a great rivalry football game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers. To me it is one of thee if not thee best rivalry in the game today. I personally love defensive ball games. Every time we see these duos go at it it ends in a classic way. The respect both team players and fan bases have for one another make this rivalry special. Personally I can't wait for the game come Sunday Night on NBC.

What to expect? I don't expect either team to have huge numbers on the ground. I believe as always the difference will be the quarterback play. Both defenses are solid obviously....have been for several years as many of you should know. Last time it came down to the last minute. This time i wouldn't doubt it comes down to a second.

Ravens won the last game with Boldin catching the TD with I believe 35 seconds left to play. I think the Steelers led the whole game til that point. Anyways that time 4th string quarterback Charlie Batch was playing for the steelers at quarterback. Threw an I N T to end the final drive for Pittsburgh in the game. Now the ball game surrounds a different story. Big Ben is back and playing some great football. Going into last game he has thrown the most passing yards since his return from the suspension. Leads the NFL in that category since than. In any case, Ben is wearing a boot after getting injured in the last game vs the Buffalo Bills. He says he is playing this Sunday. It will definately factor in the ball game cuz history shows Steelers havn't won a ball game vs the Ravens without Ben in. When Ben plays the Ravens he has led the team to all victories except for one when he is the quarterback.

Says a lot about this game as well is the division is really on the line here. This is a must win for the Steelers because they lost earlier in the season to them. They got to even this series up. Last year they had the same record as the Ravens, but the division record kept them out of the playoffs. Thus far Browns beat the Bengals, Bengals beat the Ravens, Steelers beat the Bengals and Browns, and finally the Ravens have beaten both Browns and Pittsburgh. If Pittsburgh wins they will have basically a 2 game lead over the Ravens cuz loss to the Bengals earlier in the season. If Ravens win they will have a 2 game lead as well cuz they beat Pittsburgh twice.

Both teams are now 8-3 going into Sundays game. This game is big for both teams. To me this is bigger than Monday Nights media love frenzy. This is just pure football at its best. Good luck to the Ravens, but the steelers are gonna win! Surprised??SurprisedDon't be......STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
Posted on: November 5, 2010 9:12 pm

Pats the best team in football? I think not

All week long I've been hearing......the best team in football is the Patriots. Check the record is their argument. Let me start out by saying your record doesn't win championships. You may have the best record in the NFL, but more likely than not never win it all. If you go by record because they lose in the playoffs. Last year the Colts had the best record in football, but lost in the Superbowl to the Saints. The year before that the Steelers were 2nd in the AFC according to record and Titans were number 1. Titans didn't make it to the AFC championship....Ravens did.

Should I believe the Patriots are the best team in the NFL even though they are looking at their toughest matchups to date against the Colts and the Steelers. I say they arn't until they beat those teams. I highly doubt they will o...., but we can continue the argument even further. The regular season is where the Pats have been one of the best at. Playoffs have been the question. That is where the money is at. That is when you prove you are the best team. I know some may say they were just the best on that day, but if you don't bring your best in the playoffs really you don't deserve to be called champions.

As of now, I still believe the Steelers are the best team in football. Patriots have a tough road ahead. Playoffs is when it matters. That is when Steelers will prove why they are without question the best team in football as I have been saying all summer long. Don't believe it? I guess you are gonna look ignorant like all the others who said the Steelers would miss the playoffs because the bad start without Ben. We all know how that turned out. Steelers just continue to prove you all wrong. Plz stay off the bandwagon. Believe it or not you heard it hear first. First to six, on a stairway to seven. Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.......STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
Posted on: October 14, 2010 9:36 pm

Reason for passing game ranking last?

Well the question is what the subject is. I believe the reason why the Steelers are ranked last in passing because play calling. Others may feel differently. Running game has been one of the best in the NFL today. Our mindset going into the season as you know was running the ball a lot better. We have done that with additions at the offensive line Flozell Adams and Pouncey among others. "Red Zone" Issac Redman has been playing well in short yardage situations. Love the balance of the offense now that Ben is returning. The reason is obviously in my opinion the play calling. Don't blame Dixon or Batch for that. Very happy with Steelers record as well. Ready for it to change with Ben returning. Whatever helps us get the win I could care less what we use whether it be the pass or the rush game.
Posted on: August 29, 2010 10:38 am

Time for people to wake up and smell the coffee

I was on a thread today where everyone was making their predictions about who is gonna be playing after week 17. I read the posters picks. I posted where is the Steelers? Some Padres fan acuses me of being a homer for saying that comment. So I'm not suppose to believe in my favorite team? I believe the Steelers are just as good as many football team in the NFL today when healthy. How can you disagree with that statement? Everyone on the thread basically chose the Bengals and the Ravens playing in the playoffs. I made a thread earlier this year stating "why is everyone writing of the Steelers". Not active enough on the thread to really get a true response besides no Ben, Holmes and Colon. That is one thing I can't get my fellow football fans is that all of you critics out there saying the Steelers arn't gonna be good because of last year or this year is bring up all the negatives. Why can't we look at the positives? I mean do you decide who's making the playoffs by watching ESPN? Come on guys get with the program. I have legit reasons why not only they will win their division, but they will make the playoffs and quite possibly go to the Superbowl. The only team that really can stop the Steelers in my opinion is the Colts which I think the Steelers can take them, but they are the toughest matchup in the AF. No one can disagree with that.

Negatives going into the season. Ben is suspended 4-6 games which Goodell in most folks minds believe he will reduce to at least 4 games. Holmes departure really doesn't help the situation nor does it help him being suspended. Traded him for a 5th rounder to the Jets. Head scratcher, but I think Wallace is more than capable of filling his shoes. Limas Sweed and the best offensive lineman Willie Colon is out for the season. Doesn't look all that good, but now let's look at the positives please.

Positives going into the season. Steelers were very active in free agency. Not big name players, but veterans to help out such as Battle and Will Allen for special teams. In my opinion that was the reason for Steelers failure to make the playoffs. 9 straight games giving up TDs if not that great field position. 5 of the 8 losses Steelers had last season were by 3 or less. Some of it was on fluke plays and missed oppurtunities. Reed missing field goals early in the season cost Steelers games early in the season. Dropped passes by Sweed that could have been TDs didn't help either. El returning makes in my opinion Steelers offense scary. He can throw just as well as the quarterbacks on the team which will give the offense a lot more oppurtunities. On the defensive end they added depth in the draft along with signing back of Larry Foote.

Trades Steelers made during the off-season. Leftwich for a 7th rounder. I like the idea. I like him and Dixon. I figure they are going with Leftwich to start the season, but they are both capable of doing the job. Bryant McFadden trade from the Cards was just awesome! I was very happy to hear that McFadden has returned the Steelers. He is a definately an upgrade at the cornerback position.

As for Camp, I've been taking some notes. Roethlisberger is in the best shape of his life. Which is a good sign for the Steelers. Offensive line looks like it is improving. Drafting Pouncey was a great upgrade. Flozell Adams is now on the Steelers also. Pro bowler is on the Steelers. Maybe replacing Colon. Don't know as of right now. Wide receiver position is really been good. Sanders a draftee by the Steelers in the third round is impressing. Running routes better than Mike Wallace. Dwyer could be a steal in the 6th round. At least Steeler fans are hoping so because he was projected to go in the 2nd round.

This is just a little bit of the reason why I have high expectations for the Steelers going into the season. Critics plz come right in.
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