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Posted on: October 15, 2011 6:47 pm
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Objectivity #2: Philip Rivers=Elite QB?

It bugs the crap out of me to see all praise given to one guy and receive no criticism. Media has blinded people to believe what they want you to believe. Some people are brain washed into believing crazy things such as Germans believing Jews are the reason they lost WW1, Rivers being an elite quarterback, Bill Belichick being a genius, and so on. It is time to look at both sides of the equation. Look at it objectively rather than be biased about it. I have my sources for the info I use in my posts.The purpose is to show both sides of an equation. Not just look at it one side, but to look at it in both sides of the equation.

How does one define an elite quarterback? That is a question many folks don't answer. When they do they simply judge by one criteria as to why a quarterback is elite. Saying they must have great "individual #s", you have to win football games, you have to be clutch, and you gotta lead your team to a Super Bowl. Why judge a qb by one of those criterias? Why not be objective and judge them by all those? I've been criticized by various people claiming "I hate Philip Rivers". That isn't true at all. I do dislike players who receives far more credit than they deserve when their team wins and receive no criticism for when they lose. What is wrong with that? Why be biased towards one player? Why not be objective about these things? I know a lot of people will try to claim that I'm biased towards Ben, but I have blamed Ben for losses in the past. He has received it numerous times from me, but enough of that.

The fact of the matter is, Rivers receives far too much credit than he deserves. Failure in the playoffs in the past is blamed on his defense, special teams, and supporting cast. For the folks who love the #s Rivers puts up in the regular season.....why do you ignore his stats in the playoffs? As far as failures in the regular season goes aka 2010. #1 defense is the league according to Charger fans isn't enough. Rivers has been given oppurtunity after oppurtunity to get the job done late in the 4th quarter. Skip Bayless would call it having the clutch gene. That is one of the main flaws Rivers has in his game that keeps him from being an elite qb in my opinion. That along with his playoff performance he puts up.

Chances to win KC game to open the season, Raiders game where he put up good #s, but fumbles the game winning TD. Cincy game lose by 2 TDs and one of those TD came after an interception that started Bengals offense at the 21 to end the 3rd quarter. Turns over on bounds in the 4th quarter to again, let the Bengals get another TD on the  26 yard line. I could go on as to why Rivers deserves as much if not the majority of the blame for the Chargers failures to make the postseason in 2010.

Why is Rivers not elite? Fails time and time again in the 4th quarter and in the playoffs where his team really needs him. I don't care what #s he puts up....if you can't lead your team when his team needs him.....he isn't in that elite class in my opinion. It is an objective opinion here. There are 5 quarterbacks in this league who has all the qualities I identified as an elite quarterback: Brady, Roethlisberger, Rodgers, Brees, and Manning. They all win, they all put up the stats, lead their teams to comebacks wins and Super Bowl victories. No one can argue that being objective. It is good to tell it like it is every now and again. I know some folks will disagree with me and bash me for this post. Fact is.....truth hurts. Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.....STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
Posted on: September 26, 2011 11:23 pm

Deserved praise and criticism week 3

I'm gonna try to make this weekly series due to my critics claiming I only praise my favorite team while bash everyone else.


Lions-They deserve a ton of respect for doing something they weren't able to do the past couple of seasons.....win football games late. Stafford is a lead candidate for comeback player of the year. Lions + playoff win in 2011 season sounds likely!! Won first game @Minny since Barry Sanders day. Congrats is well deserved.

Bills-I always make the safe pick and go with the team that is far more proven. Pats have earned respect around the league for years now. Bills proved the doubters wrong and came up big with a victory. I'm happy to say congrats to Bills! Fitzpatrick>Orton and Henne. A dolphin fan laughed when I predicted 3rd place for the Bills. I suppose the Bills are getting the last laugh.

Colt McCoy-The man led an avg receiving corps without Peyton Hillis to a 4th quarter comeback. I had a feeling it would happen when I witnessed it. I couldn't believe Dolphins choked away the victory.Credit is well-deserved for the Browns offense!! Looks like the former Longhorn will be having a bright future in Cleveland for years to come.

McFadden's ground game-I was thinking upset here, but my respect for the Jets kept me from picking them.  Raiders proved me wrong. They are legit and Campbell is excelling. Congrats is well-deserved. Hopefully ya snatch that AFC West crown. Undefeated in division last year and now defeating playoff teams. Take the Rex Ryan challenge and beat NE.

SD defense-Have you seen that defense this year? The defense has been doing their job and bailing out Rivers in 3 straight games. Despite starting this season with 6 interceptions.....that stat stuffer still almost cost his team ball games. An interception by Weddle was the difference in the win/loss this week with 55 seconds left. Only giving up 10 points in week 1. Rivers is a lucky man!


Miami Dolphins-losing to the Browns without their best offensive player? Giving up a 4th quarter lead late as well. Am I the only one who still feels Sparano will be fired first?

Falcons-The Super Bowl bound Falcons, who were gonna be an offensive powerhouse with Julio Jones, only put 13 points on the board. They should have 3 losses right now if not for Vick getting hurt. LOL! Super Bowl and Falcons? Are you kidding me? Hate to say I told you so. Nope....I don't hate to say it.

Pats run game-Why didn't the Patriots run the football in the 2nd half? I can't understand why they would continue to throw with that lead. I know some folks say they have a terrible ground game, but it was top 10 in 2010. Take some time off the clock and keep the Bills offense off the field. Instead they throw.....we know how that resulted!

Vikings offense-3 consecutive games the Vikings have gave up leads in the 2nd half. I believe all were more than a TD. I can't put it all on the defense because you expect more from an offense. McNabb has got to step up if they can't get the ground game going. Not a good situation to be in 0-3 in a division that has two undefeated teams. Got to get a W this week if you wish to make the playoffs.

CJ2k-game isn't back yet after week 3. If Titans want to dethrone the favorites to win the South, he needs to get his game on.
Posted on: August 10, 2011 10:53 pm

Playoffs? Who's goin to the playoffs in 2011?

This is an update kind of due to recent moves lately.

AFC East:Patriots-Getting Chad and Ellis to me improves their football team. They are better than the Jets.
AFC North:Steelers-They keep proving the doubters wrong and they'll do it again in 2011.
AFC South:Colts-I know I stated on some occassions that they will miss the playoffs. The prediction was made simply because 5 new teams had to get in. At the time, I thought Jets were the better team. Now I feel they have the best chance to get in 2011.
AFC West:Chargers-Raiders got worse, Broncos still suck, and Chargers are gonna be one of them new 5 football teams to make the playoffs in 2011.
AFC Wildcard #5:Ravens-Got respect for the Ravens. No doubt they will be in the playoffs in 2011.
AFC Wildcard #6:Texans-everyones darkhorse, but I didn't pick them last year. I liked the moves they made this offseason and I believe they can finally get to the postseason. Possibly a division title.

NFC East:Eagles-I suspect slow start, but I feel they will finish strong and make the playoffs.
NFC North:Packers-1st division crown since Rodgers has taken over.
NFC South:Saints-I think I have over-rated this football team a bit after their draft. They may win the division. I like the Bucs too.
NFC West:Rams-Gotta love Bradford. Kinda shocked by the lack of moves in FA for weak wr position. I think they can still get the job done o. 49ers will surprise some folks. Watch out!!
NFC Wildcard #5:Cowboys-I say 10 or 11 wins with a playoff berth. Cowboys>Giants
NFC Wildcard #6:Bucs-I wouldn't be shocked if this team wins the division this year. They are under the radar. 10-13 wins possibly.
Posted on: August 7, 2011 11:22 pm

Surprising upsets to look forward to in 2011!!

Upsets happen in the NFL all the time. Weekly and some times more than one in a week. I decided since the season is about to begin, it is time to start calling some upsets. I'll call 1 for each week:

week 1:Cowboys over Jets-It can happen......
week 2:Browns over Colts-Hillis will put up huge #s!
week 3:Texans over Saints-I'm remembering Lynch owning Saints D.
week 4:Lions over Cowboys(can you consider that an upset?)
week 5:Chiefs over Colts-one of the worst rush defenses in the league vs the best ground game
week 6:Texans over Ravens-Expecting Flacco doesn't have a good day.
week 7:Bucs over Bears-I like the Bucs D!!
week 8:Dolphins over NYG-not really a good upset week, but I think this is the most likely to happen.
week 9:Chargers over Packers-Rivers just has the better day over Rodgers.
week 10:Lions over Bears-Reminding me of Calvin Johnson TD no call.....
week 11:Chargers over Bears-Bears offense will struggle.
week 12:Eagles over Patriots-Brady has a bad day....
week 13:Lions over Saints-I think Brees will be under pressure all day!!
week 14:Chiefs over Jets-I don't like the Jets front 7 this year.
week 15:Bengals over Rams-4th place team beating a playoff contender.......
week 16:Browns over Ravens-Almost happened last year......
week 17:Lions over Packers-I expect Lions to win 1 game next year vs the Packers.

I didn't do some rivalry games in this for the simple fact they were upsets last season such as Texans over Colts. I don't consider Jets over NE, Bears over Packers, Bucs over ATL/NO, ect upsets. Many may be shocked, some will whine, and others will say this is a bash fest. It isn't intended to bash one team or another. It is intended to hear others opinions and see some of their upset calls.

Posted on: May 14, 2011 9:06 pm
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Pre FA 'Who's goin to the playoffs?' thread

The reason pre FA is in the title: NFL has yet to have free agency. These predictions are before anybody makes that big move to help their team get to the playoffs. I know haters will join on here and say I was wrong after A team made the playoffs after getting a top free agent to help them get there. This is my pre free agency "Who's goin to the playoffs" thread. All haters, critics, friends, and fans are welcome.

The question everyone asks during the off-season is "who is goin to the playoffs." That is why I'm here folks.....to give you the answers. So plz when you're done reading my predictions you can leave a comment, give us your predictions, and enjoy my art. Thank you!!

The better question is "who is not making the playoffs?"
Bills-HAHA! This may be a shocker to some, but I have Bills finishing 3rd in the AFC East. Of course, they arn't making the playoffs.
Dolphins-Their offense was through the running game. 2 FAs could not return. I don't like Dolphins chances.
Titans-rebuilding mode along with the fact other three teams in division had better drafts in my opinion.
Texans-everyone's beloved darkhorse will again fail to get to the postseason.
Jaguars-You proved me wrong last year, but until you beat the Colts to win the division.....I don't see it happening.
Broncos-I'm hearing chants "Tebow" to end the season. Unfortunately, it won't be in the playoffs.
Raiders-I have them finishing last in their division.
Chiefs-I was happy for the team's success last season. I figure SD will find a way to get back on track to the playoffs.
Bengals-too many questions with the team along with Browns being a better football team.
Browns-a year or 2 away from taking Ravens spot.

Skins-Big Al making too much dough along with McNabb wanting out. Too many question marks.
Eagles-Teams figured out how to defend Vick. The team will finish 3rd.
Falcons-most over-rated team in the league last year. Gave up too much to get Jones.
Panthers-Could get the number 1 pick next year.
Seahawks-I was shocked they won the division. Division won't be that bad next year.
Cardinals-this team along with 49ers are most of the reason I put pre FA in the title. A quarterback addition could get a division title.
49ers-read Cardinals.
Vikings-Ponder isn't enough. Rice may be gone as well along with Pat Williams.
Bears-prove me wrong
Lions-Have them finishing 2nd......just missed. Next year for sure.

"Who is making the playoffs?"
Patriots-No one beats them at home.....during the regular season.
Steelers-doubters proved wrong last year. This year will be the same. Only difference.....Super Bowl belongs to Pittsburgh! #7!
Colts-They make the playoffs, I believe 11 straight x.
Chargers-depends on V-Jax return or replacement.
Jets-Didn't make AFC championship 2 straight years for nothing.
Ravens-How far they go depends on their run game.

Cowboys-4th place schedule along with good draft.
Packers-unless serious injury........
Saints-After that draft....how can you bet against them?
Rams-Shoulda won the division last year.
Giants-D-Jax ain't gonna get that lucky....again.
Bucs-Solid draft......team is only gonna get better.

Surprised??SurprisedDon't be..........STAY JEALOUS!!Cool

Posted on: May 13, 2011 10:02 pm

Pre FA NFL division winner predictions

AFC East: Patriots-forget all the hype. The team is probably the best when it comes to wins in the regular season. Jets....prove me wrong!

AFC North: Steelers-critics were wrong last go around. This time won't be any different.

AFC South: Colts-Can't bet against them. Made the playoffs 11x straight I believe. Prove me wrong Jags and 5th year darkhorse(laughing) Texans.

AFC West: Bolts-I doubt Chiefs can repeat. Broncos and Raiders just arn't good enough. Bolts are gonna gets their stats and in this case victories as well.

NFC East: Cowboys-getting Romo back with a pretty solid draft. I expect them or Giants to win the division. Either way both are goin to the playoffs.

NFC North: Packers-wins division for the first time in the era of Rodgers.

NFC South: Saints-Brees will have a running game to lead him back to the Super Bowl.

NFC West: Rams-shoulda won it last year. This year they should be able to get the job done.

As you can see I made it nice and easy for ya. I put the division in bold lettering and underlined the team name. Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.......STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
Posted on: January 11, 2011 10:17 pm

Jets vs Pats divisional playoff preview

The New York Jets are coming off a big win vs a Pats rival the Indianapolis Colts. Very big win I didn't expect. Jets definately put up and they are still talking. The question is will the Hoodie shut their mouths for good? Pat players have been told to keep their mouths shut. Which is fine. The Pats and Jets have had a rivalry. Obviously both teams are Super Bowl contenders. If they weren't they wouldn't have had all the hype surrounding their teams.

The Pats have not lost in so so games at home in the regular season. In the playoffs that is a different story. Ravens demolished the Pats last year at home in the wildcard round. They are also on a current consecutive losing streak in the playoffs. -2 losing streak losses to the Ravens and the Giants make that fact.

The Jets have defeated the Pats before in the regular season. They can get it done again their is no doubt in my mind about it. They were the media's top pick heading into the regular season. Now the Pats are! The media loves these two teams. I expect big coverage from this football game.

Jets surprised us all last year when they made the playoffs and went through the Chargers and Bengals. Bengals two weeks in a row as a matter of fact. They certainly arn't a pushover. They beat the Colts for goodness sake. They are a good football team that talks a lot of smack. Lets see if they can back it up when they meet their biggest rival in the AFC East the New England Patriots. Couple of keys to win this football game. On offense they have got to establish a ground game. Control the tempo of the football game. As for defense obviously put pressure on Tom Brady.

New England side of things obviously protect Tom Brady. The biggest key in this football game is that. Offensive line vs the defensive line. If Tom Brady isn't pressured he will have a great football game. He isn't in the MVP conversation for nothing. Led the team to 20+ straight home win in the regular season. His record in the playoffs isn't too bad either. 14-4 is his record. He is one of the best without a doubt. Since the Browns stomping the team has pretty much been unbeatable. The defense didn't give up points is one of the reasons the team was so great during that stretch. The defense was the best in that stretch. Can't argue with that. In any case the defensive key in this football game for the Pats is stop the run and force Sanchez to throw the football. Do that they for sure will get the victory. I'm picking the Pats as is everyone else. Prove me wrong again Jets. You will earn a ton of respect if you beat the Pats. Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.......STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
Posted on: January 6, 2011 10:52 pm

Baltimore vs KC wildcard playoff preview

Kansas City Chiefs is the surprise team of the year. Of course it is an opinion. KC as we all know is led by the running game. Their duo of Thomas Jones and Charles. Both have had great seasons. Both have proved a lot especially Jones to the Jets. Some believed Jones was a product of the Jets offensive line. Obviously that is false. Jets are struggling without him this year.

Matt Cassel and Bowe have been hitting strides this season. Well at least to end their season. First half wasn't too pretty. Big win over the Chargers to open was great. Special teams is also good for the Chiefs. Their offense will be the factor in this football game. Can their ground game do well vs the Baltimore Ravens? Browns did it earlier in the season, but didn't do it the 2nd time around. I think their is a chance. This football game in my opinion will be closer than one would think. Flacco didn't have that breakout season everyone predicted him to have. He is definately the future of the franchise though. They arn't a pass first football team. If the Chiefs can control the run I think they have a good chance to win this football game.

This will be a low scoring football game. Not expecting more than 20 points by either team. Could be wrong, but I expect both offenses to struggle in the passing game. I'm expecting an INT thrown by both quarterbacks. Hint:Ed Reed will catch one. LOL! At least that is what I expect. Defenses to have a great day. In the end Baltimore will win this football game by 3-10 points. No more than 10. Ravens defense struggles in the 4th. That is something to watch for. Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.....STAY JEALOUS!!Cool

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